Felt Items to Have to Enhance any Interior Décor

Felt Tile Collection By Eca Zeisel Red Chair Lady In Red Walking Colorful Felt Wall Covers

Felt items are somewhat popular within the times of fall and winter. They are considered to be the easy and ideal solutions to make any interior décor more inviting as well as cozier at the same time. Furthermore, they are also pretty perfect to warm up the interior during fall and winter. Therefore there are many items of woolen felt offered by various brands and manufacturers to stay warm during fall and winter while staying stylish as well.

There is the Stamp pendant of the Outofstock design to consider. It is a heat-compressed lamp made of two industrial felt pieces. The design incorporates two geometric shapes perfectly well that make it look like a flat disc in a wide three-dimensional cone. It is a highly functional and beautiful piece of the pendant with felt. Meanwhile, there is the collection of Eva Zeisel felt tile as well to soften any sound while also looking so beautiful at the same time. Each tile is made of PET acoustic substrate in 63 color choices. In the end, the tiles can be arranged accordingly to create a unique wall covering of felt. Next stuff is Bullock seating which will guarantee a relaxing rest to its users. It features free moving base and the unique cushioning system made of spongy green florets with feeling in it. The arched frame along with fabric upholstery beautifies its exterior appeal to match any décor today.

Another lighting fixture that features felt is Frankie pendant lamp by Designtree. It was made of recycled acoustic felt which then inserted into triangular solid-ash arms. It features a corner module so that it can house multiple bulbs as well. It can now be altered to have either L or X shape without compromising its main function. Next felt item to get is Feltology lamp collection of Lorenzo Polo. It is handcrafted out of feeling layers to look beautiful really. It is an item that highlights more of its beauty while the function remains as it is.

Next item is a sound softening wall cover called Acoustic Surfaces Collection that features high-performance acoustic substrate hidden under wool felt layers. It offers cool geometrical patterns so that it looks cool while keeping its sound softening function at the highest level. More choices of the lamp with felt include the lamp collection of Dana Bachar called Felted. It combines metal and felted wool with soft and organic nature appeal of the felt all over the lamps. Another decent combination of metal and felt is the Q5 chair. It has aluminum frames in the form of triangles as the base of the chair. It is strong yet lightweight while the interior is upholstered in felt for the warm atmosphere there.

Frankie Pendant Lamp By Designtree Wooden Table Wooden Chairs

Stamp Hanging Lamp By Outofstock Grey Finish Geometrical Design

Felted Lamps By Dana Bachar In White And Red Felt Finish

Acoustic Surfaces Collection Grey Metal Desks Books Wooden Tray Metal Table Lamp Buble Glass Sshade Decorative Items

Lullock Seating In Black Base And Green Cushions

Feltology Lamps By Lorenzo Polo Colorful Felt Shades

Felt Tile Collection By Eca Zeisel Red Chair Lady In Red Walking Colorful Felt Wall Covers

Q5 Chair By Buckminster Fuller Aluminum Frame Felt Finish

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