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Grey Carpet Scale Acoustic Modules In Cream And Grey

Creating such cozy atmosphere in a living space is important. It is a considerably tricky matter to do without having the right ideas about it. Such thing as creating a cozy interior is often so crucial during fall times. One of the easiest ways to get the job done properly in enhancing the coziness level of any interior is to incorporate various felt items. There are many forms of decorative items in felt that will all be so useful in beautifying any décor while also elevating the coziness atmosphere in the area. Furthermore, there are some felt items out there which are also functional aside from just being decorative about cozy décor.

There is a nice item in felt finish designed and manufactured by FilzFelt. The thing is called Scale which is a folded style acoustic module system. Well, this particular item emphasizes the beneficial characteristic of felt which is a soundproof material. So, this item is highly functional in keeping noise away while also being so decorative to enhance any interior décor. The name FilzFelt has been so popular in offering innovative solutions to reduce sound in any interior significantly. this feature is called the one hundred percent German roll wool design, Feel at the top of its product including this so-called Scale.

This acoustic module system looks so unique in a folded design. It looks like a folded cardboard in its singular form. So many pieces if this Scale product of FilzFelt can be constructed accordingly to fit the different needs of homeowners. The basic material of this Scale item is a folded fiber composite in which it is then finished in a hundred wool. So it looks so beautiful on the outside and so dependable on the inside. There are 60 colorways to choose when using this item to ensure that it will fit any decoration style.

The one reason that it is so stylish in enhancing interior décor coziness is the fact that it can be arranged in any color combination. It can create shadows to add dimensionality to the décor. It can work in bright tones to enlarge the space visually. Joining with one another due to its slotted design is easy. The three-dimensional design of this item comes in two different sizes that can connect to walls by incorporating magnetic attachment hardware provided. Well, it is just another smart item that will be able to create a cozy and beautiful décor while also being so functional in reducing sound.

Scale Acoustic Modules In Light Green Blue And Turquoise Wooden Floor

Scale Acoustic Module In Light Grey Three Dimensional Folded Design

Colorful Combination Of Scale Acoustic Modules

Grey Carpet Scale Acoustic Modules In Cream And Grey

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