Eye-Catching Asymmetric Panels in a Modern Penthouse

Wooden Floor Guitar Oval Wooden Top Table Blakc Chair White Table White Chairs Grey Sofa White Wooden Cabinet Geometrical Front Panels Cutout Decorative Neon Sign

In the city of Poznan, Poland there is a nice looking interior decoration inside a top floor of an apartment. This so-called penthouse features decent designer solutions that are all looking highly enjoyable. The iconic feature is its asymmetric panels amidst many other beautiful elements in its interior space. Mili Mlodzi Ludzie did the project in changing an unfinished space to a modern penthouse with an ultimate view of the city right upon entering the apartment as well as in all sections of its interior.

A new layer of design has been added to the interior space to maximize both its appeal and its functionality aspect. Built-in cabinets alongside geometric door fronts can be seen there as one of many design solutions that beautify the space while also maintaining its main purpose as a storage space. The dining room is grouped together with the living room with its uninterrupted view right in one of the corners of the interior. Some of the raw industrial elements were kept as they are to add some accents into the modern style interior decoration of this penthouse.

There is a kind of open feel inside the apartment in which some areas can be entered from either one of the sides. Those areas ate kitchen, guest room, and guitar room. It is a smart way to bring more lights into the apartment. Well, that thing is needed for an apartment like this one to look visually large. The so-called guitar room has its function as a study room as well. The two walls of this space are made of glass so that it is pretty light and bright inside. The use of glass inside this apartment emphasizes the modern style of its decoration.

The master bedroom space of this penthouse has a really large floral theme wall mural. It can be considered to be the focal point of the space since it is there on the so-called headboard wall of this bedroom. In order to brighten up the décor, there are many light-colored wooden items inside. Furthermore, there are wooden doors the lead to a small-sized bathroom. The doors have been designed cleverly to look like the wall. There are many unique accents within the interior such as unique cutout in the front panels of the cabinets. Surely those accents were intended to highlight the modern style of the decoration of this penthouse.

Wooden Cabinet Geometrical Front Panels Black Chair Oval Wooden Table Glass Accent White Table White Chair Grey Stool Books Framed Photographs Floor Lights

Wooden Bed Wooden Flooring Faux Fur Blanket Small Side Table Metal Legs Wooden Top White Geometrical Shape Table Lamp Black Headboard Wall Floral Mural Pattern

Grey Sofa White Table White Chairs Oval Wooden Top Table White Wooden Cabinet Guitars Glazed Walls Hanging Bulbs

White Wooden Cabinet Geometrical Cutout Front Panels Books Decorative Neon Sign Black Seat Wooden Table Grey Stool Floor Lamps Ceiling Lights White Table White Chairs

Wooden Floor Guitar Oval Wooden Top Table Blakc Chair White Table White Chairs Grey Sofa White Wooden Cabinet Geometrical Front Panels Cutout Decorative Neon Sign

Rough Concrete Wall Finish Wooden Table Metal Legs Grey Sofa Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls Ceiling Light

Glazed Walls Wooden Flooring Hanging Bulbs Geometrical Metal Fframing Shade Grey Sofa Guitar Black Chair White Table White Chairs

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