Ergonomic Chair with Beautiful Origami Design and Mechanism

Flux Chair In Yellow And Pink

Incorporating unique furniture items will be beneficial in many ways. Surely the uniqueness of the items will enhance the space where they are placed. It can be in term of the function as well as the appeal of the items that is awesome. Within the popularity of modern décor today, unique items can easily be found within the market to consider according to the actual needs in decorating any interior space. Many unique furniture items are even offering multifunctional characteristic that will boost its value even further. Of course, there will be unique ideas as the initial start of those unique furniture items, right?

The concept of origami has been taken into serious consideration by designers Tom Schouten and Douwe Jacobs in designing the Flux Chair. This particular chair can be said to be a real origami chair with its design as well as the mechanism is just like any origami. The chair itself is a unique piece with a decent level of comfort and ergonomics when being used. It is portable as well as highly appealing at the same time to be incorporated into any style of interior decoration today. This particular chair is a decent choice to consider when opting for the beautiful and functional chair.

It can be compressed down to be in a flat pack when not in use just as an origami paper before use. It will be easy to store it when not in use or during the time that it should be transformed to another place. In its compressed state, it will only have a size as big as a briefcase in the form of polypropylene envelope. It will only need about 3 minutes to transform from that state into a fully functional chair with that beauty of it. Even the ways to get it ready is a set of beautiful things to do.

Well, once in its chair form this so-called Flux Chair is a highly comfortable one to sit and a sturdy one to use. A unique feature of this chair is the load-bearing feature that will deliver the highest comfort to it. There is no need to be afraid that the chair will be accidentally folded when in use. Curved folds are there that make it looks like a real origami art. There are many colors to choose when opting for this chair. To make it easier to use there is the even junior size for the kids.

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Flux Chair In Grey

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Flux Chair In Yellow And Pink

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