Enjoying Your Outdoor Activities with the Connect

3. The Combination Of Red, Dark Blue, And Light Blue Mattress And Cushion On The Wooden Floor In Front Of Line Patterned Wall.

Spring is coming! For those of you who miss sunshine and fresh air please raise your hand! No one can enjoy the spring without doing outdoor activities after struggling in winter and white for a long time. We are going to spend much time outside our house to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Maybe just sunbathing and feel free. Therefore, it’s a right time to think about what outdoor furniture and other items to hand in to optimize your relaxation outside there. It can be an ordinary one, but if you can have eye-catchy and handy things, why not? And good news for you, I have a beautiful idea for your joyful outdoor activity. It’s for you only!

The Connect is proudly presented by TRIMM Copenhagen as a new collection of seating for the outdoors. These pieces are UV resistant, waterproof, and Algae resistant, so it’s very suitable to be part of your need for outdoor activity since we deal with many natural factors when we are outside. It is available in lots of chic and fabulous colors that fit your decor. The mattresses and the cushions are designed to be positioned right on the floor. If you do not like this arrangement or prefer something else, you may use a standard wooden pallet or find a primary furniture frame.

The cushions are available in two sizes, and they are very colorful in color. There are smart magnets that are set in the buffer to be a connection between them. It lets you connect them in any way. The measurement of the Connect Mattress Big is as same as a pallet. It can be used independently, or it can be stacked as high as you like if you want to. It will allow you just to use a single cushion for the seat. If you want a more extended chair or lounger, just attach two or more mattress. There is also the Connect Mattress Small, which has a half of the pallet as the measurement, which can be added. By adding the Connect Mattress Small, your longer seat or lounger will be more maximum comfy. Duo Color Cushion and the Tube Cushion are a couple that perfectly pair with the Connect Mattresses. Both of them provide additional comfort and also optimize your style.

3. The Combination Of Red, Dark Blue, And Light Blue Mattress And Cushion On The Wooden Floor In Front Of Line Patterned Wall.

2. The Blue And Orange Mattress And Cushion On The Wooden Floor Beside A Plant.

4. A Small Turquois Mattress On The Wooden Table With A Stack Of Square Cushion And A Tube Cushion In Front Of A Brick Wall.

1. Combine Colorful Mattress And Cushion On The Wooden Floor And Add Plants To Be More Chic.

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