Enhancing White Rooms by Adding More Interests to the Décor

White Bedding Metal Shade Pendant Lamps White Shoes Whitewashed Wooden Flooring Exposed Wooden Ceiling Beams Books Wooden Storage Container Table Lamp White Curtains

Interior decoration in white is recommended to deal with small space. It helps make s small space look bigger by reflecting the light. Any interior space done in white décor will look so bright and airy while also being timeless. It could be a bit boring at some points, right? It could be too clean and sleek which will not be good for the overall appeal of the décor. Thus it is crucial to add some more interests to the décor to make it more stands out than before while keeping the basic theme stays in white.

Such monotonous look of interior décor in white can be eliminated by adding texture to the décor. Many items can be added to deliver the needed texture to the décor. Bedding set, pillows, rugs, as well as furniture items can all be having specific texture to help to enhance white-themed décor of any room. A bedroom will greatly benefit the use if textural fabrics for the bedding for example. Meanwhile, a bathroom will be nice to be given textural tiles as its statement wall. Meanwhile, the living room can get the texture of the arrangement of plain brick walls or eucalyptus walls.

Next thing to do in adding more interests to any white-themed décor is by incorporating bold flooring materials. It means that the flooring should be catching anyone’s attention upon entering the room. Bold shades of floor tiles can be a decent example for that. In addition, there are certain patterns and floor tiles that can be useful. Re-stained wooden flooring will also be okay for this matter. One thing for sure is that white colored flooring should be avoided in a white-themed décor.

One last thing to do to enhance the look of white-themed décor in any interior space is by adding wall arts. There are paintings, posters, photographs and decorative items that can all be attached to the wall to beautify the white-themed room décor. As long as they are in the colorful state, then they will attract the attention of anyone entering the room. A gallery wall with many framed photographs can be a decent example of this wall art idea. Even some colorful ceramic plates can be placed there on the wall to accentuate white painted wall leading to a more attractive overall appeal of the décor within the room in white.

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White Bedding Metal Shade Pendant Lamps White Shoes Whitewashed Wooden Flooring Exposed Wooden Ceiling Beams Books Wooden Storage Container Table Lamp White Curtains

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