Edgy Sideboards with Rounded Corners of Bonaldo

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Choosing furniture items today is more than just finding the one with the right function. The matter of appeal of the things to want will also affect the decision at the end when trying to find and purchase the right piece of furniture item for any room. Cabinets, tables, chairs, lamps, and beds are all available in various choices. Different choices may as well be offering different basic styles of the build. The so-called ordinary types of furniture featuring woods in multiple origins may not be enough today. Interior decoration trends tend to ask for better items especially in term of the look of them, not only the function.

There is a unique collection of the sideboard that will be able to perform its original function and offer decorative value as well. The so-called Frame Sideboard is a collection of sideboards designed and created by Alain Gilles to be produced by Bono, an Italian furniture manufacturer. At a glance, the sideboards look simple in the wood finish and pretty sleek design in its exterior. That is the critical element of this collection. It is pretty simple yet eyes catchy at the same time.

The basic of this sideboard design is a metal frame that remains to be visible after the covers are added. Even the internal boards can be slid in to sit in their place inside. When the wooden boards are all removed, then it is just a metal frame. And to make the sideboard ready,  it should be placed first before adding the covers of both side panels and top panels. There are gaps intended in between the groups to showcase the frame of the sideboard. The collection features different colors of the structure and the panels so that the result is beautiful.

Thus the frame is not just the main supporting frame, but it contributes to the overall appeal of the sideboard as well. It will further contribute to the interior decoration where the sideboard is placed at the end. The top section can even be replaced with marble to add the better appeal of the sideboard. Right at the edges of the sideboard, there are rounded corners to showcase the frame further. Contrasting colors in some of the models within the collection displays the structure very well for the sake of the décor, not only the function of the sideboard.

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Bold Orange Interior Dark Green Chair Metal Floor Lamp Geomterical Wall Decor Low Dark Wooden Sideboard Brass Frame

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