Edgy Look of a Mini Kitchen with Bold Yellow Cabinet as Focal Point

All White Kitchen White Wooden Cover Yellow Cabinetries Metal Pots Dinnerware Wooden Counetrtops Grey Floor

Small space could live mostly. It is true to be that way when the proper things are done to embrace such small living space. A small studio apartment can be the example of small living space to live largely. Even just a single room in a tight area but certain things can be done along with the use of specific items to get the small space to function as large as possible.

Small items will be needed with a standard function to help anyone getting the best of their small space. Dealing with low studio apartment matter, Nicholas Agius Architects come with an excellent idea of having a mini built-in kitchen for such small and tight space. It is a fully functional kitchen with everything an average kitchen will have. Its size is somewhat portable that it can be folded when not in use. How can a kitchen be wrapped anyway? Well, the idea is actually to open the doors or covers of the kitchen that are serving as storages as well when it is about to be used. When the kitchen is not in use, then the doors can just be closed so that it will only be using small floor space.

The primary material for the door is wood. Inside the kitchen, there is also the use of light colored wood in its countertops and backsplash at the far end. The bright yellow finish of the cabinetries covers the forest as well. So at a glance, it will look like a nice combination of light colored wood and yellow colors in a kitchen. The result is a pretty nice looking one. The yellow can make it an excellent focal point within the entire space of studio apartment for sure.

The cabinet is in a set of both standing and hanging to provide just enough storage spaces for everything needed by someone living in a studio apartment. A small cooker alongside a sink can be found there as well to complete the standard kitchen features. The doors come with some storage areas as well when needed. Even above the kitchen, there is a space that can be used to store things when needed. This mini kitchen is an excellent solution for those with limited space in need of standard kitchen functionality without having to have a significant kitchen area.

Hidden Kitchen Features White Movale Wooden Kitchen Covers White Kitchen Grey Floor

White Small Kitchen Movable Cover White Oven Gas Stove Yellow Cabinetries Black Teapot White Sink Wooden Counbtertop Kitchen Supplies Glass Bottles

All White Kitchen White Wooden Cover Yellow Cabinetries Metal Pots Dinnerware Wooden Counetrtops Grey Floor

Wooden Kitchen Countertops Black Teapot Gas Stove Yellow Kitchen Cabinetries Wooden Kitchen Backsplash Grey Floor White Kitchen Wall

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