Eco Retreat Copia Cabin to Enjoy Holiday Close to Mother Nature

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Many people love to seek the perfect getaway once in a while. The primary purpose is to leave everything behind for a moment and enjoy something different. In the end, they will be able to start fresh when they have to return to their routine. Commonly there will be a particular type of building with the purpose of supporting a weekend holiday. It is pretty standard for a getaway cabin to be close to nature so that people can enjoy different atmosphere when staying there and trying to enjoy their holiday. Just outside of Cape Town there is a decent holiday cabin to consider known as the Copia Cabin.

The cabin was named Copia from latin which means abundance. Overall it was built out of a pair of recycled shipping containers in 12×2.5m proper size. The bottles were placed on a farm right outside Bot River. The location of this Copia Cabin can be reached in just about 90 minutes of driving from the city of Cape Town. Space is measured at about 60 square meters in total to be the perfect getaway cabin for anyone.

Within the cabin, there are three different areas including the open area of the kitchen, the living room and also the bedroom with its bathroom. At the end, those are everything that people need to spend a lovely holiday in the cabin. Furthermore, it features panoramic views of the Mother Nature surrounding the cabin from any area of the cabin.

Within the kitchen, there is a fridge with a freezer in it alongside gas cooker as well as crockery and cutlery that make it a functional kitchen. The couch provided within the kitchen area is a comfortable one. Enjoying the meal can merely be done near the fireplace to get a warm feeling of it. The bathroom is as beautiful as the rest of the cabin. It offers lots of natural light since there are many windows there. There is no need to worry about privacy though since it is a single building without any other building around. There is also an outside deck area with a hot tub and even a barbecue. Just around the cabin in a pretty reasonable distance, there are wine farms as well as restaurants to visit when needed. The Copia Cabin is undoubtedly a getaway cabin with enough resources for anyone to enjoy a great holiday.

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Tree Stump Table Potted Plant White Sink Branch Leg Rectangular Floating Shelf Wooden Floor Braass Faucet

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