Eco-Friendly Furniture Items of Cardboard

Cardboard Chair Of Roberto Giamucci Wooden Pattern Finish

More and more people are getting aware of the environmental issues nowadays. Thus many clever ideas can be related to the idea of being eco-friendly in life. One of the things that could be eco-friendly is the choices of furniture items. There are cardboard furniture items which will be perfect to support the idea of being more and more eco-friendly. Well, these are some of the decent choices of that matter of furniture.

Amidst today’s best cardboard furniture there is the collection by Roberto Giamucci. This collection is in today’s trend of cardboard furniture of being highly innovative as well as totally complex. Rectangular shelves along with armchair are only a few of the items within this unique furniture collection. There is a table named Lumber from Studio PESI from Korea. The project works with a cardboard manufacturing company that manufactures and manufactures self-assembled side and cardboard collections. There are six types to choose in different colors and printed patterns. On the other hand, there are more options of cardboard furniture items presented by Karton. It features a clever mechanism of assembling the items without the need of glue.

Another decent choice of eco-friendly furniture item made of cardboard is the Spiral Stool of MisoSoupDesign. It is highly eco-friendly since it is made of recycled cardboard. It is totally free of glue and hardware. It is sustainable and stylish in eight sheets in folded and bent state to really form a unique appearance of this stool. There is the Refold desk as the one done by Matt Innes, Oliver Ward, and Fraser Callaway. It offers a high level of flexibility and practicality of its use. There are endless applications of this desk with only minutes to adjust to meet different needs.  Urban Tree hanger is a decent cardboard piece done by Gerardo Belmonte. It has six legs made of recycled cardboard in multiple layers to ensure its strength. It is finished in many choices of tone using UV printing system.

Smart design of stackable display is there in Brix shelves. It is a modular storage unit that can be said to be highly attractive at the same time. Rectangular modules alongside nubby edges are all there for the better appeal and function of this item. Next item is Our Paper Life by Geoff Christou and Chris Porteus. This item is in its low-cost line with the use of 95% recycled cardboard. Showroom Finland also uses recycled cardboard in the making of Kenno chair. It is in pair with Kasaa shelf though. Yet it uses water-based adhesives to create its unique sandwich construction. One last choice is the Kids Imagination Desk created by The Cardboard Guys. It really is uniquely made of 100% recyclable material. Moreover, it is safe for the kids.

Cardboard Chair Of Roberto Giamucci Wooden Pattern Finish

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