Easy Ways to Reduce Noise of Interior in Open Layout Design

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An open layout plan of an interior is the perfect way to maximize a tight space. It may come along with some good things although it has its setbacks as well. It is pretty inviting and welcoming to have some different areas grouped together in an open layout. More lights can hit the space with just the clear idea of having unlimited visual space. Yet it is clear that noise is a problem related to the use of open layout plan of any interior space. Well, some tricks can be incorporated to deal with noise problem in an open layout interior space.

Covering the walls using certain materials could actually be helpful in reducing noise issue of an open layout space. The large plain wall will surely reflect noise and make it bounce here and there around the space. Wooden panels are recommended to be used to cover the walls to absorb sound hitting the walls. Furthermore, it will look good as well in term of the décor by adding wooden panels on the walls. Next option for wall covering that will work well against noise is to use leather or fabric. Thus the wall will be upholstered. Combining the two of those mentioned materials could be even better for both its function to deal with noise and the look of the space.

Smart idea to cover the walls though is by choosing the so-called acoustic panels. There is designers’ version of such thing that could really enhance the interior space while also absorbing noise hitting the walls. Yet the only setback of this option is the fact that it is pretty expensive. When not too noisy of course the material mentioned previously serves to cover the wall that could be a better choice. When it is not too loud, of course using the material mentioned earlier, it is useful covering the wall which could be a better choice.

Meanwhile, in term of the flooring, it is recommended to go for the carpet to cover the entire floor space. Carpet is known for its ability to damp down sound and noise. High pile carpet is the best one to choose for this purpose. Soft flooring materials such as vinyl are another decent choice for those who do not really like carpeting the floor. Well, adding high or tall space divider or partition is another easy way of reducing noise in an open layout space. One last idea is to go for curtains for glass surface like windows. Surely there are many options of fabric that can be chosen, right?

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