Dynamic and Modern Design of Ballet Wall Lamp by Arturo Alvarez

Triangular Shaped Ballet Wall Lamp With Soft Light For Peaceul Ambience

Modern lighting fixtures have been widely known to be pretty unique and dynamic at the same time. The main function of the thing itself remains the same or even better. The single aspect of modern things may not necessarily be the shape and design but also the material. Uncommon materials have been started to be incorporated by designers and manufacturers to produce unique looking pieces even just in the form of lighting fixtures. This one indoor wall lighting fixture named Ballet is a decent piece of modern lighting with nothing but uniqueness in its every aspect.

This one lighting fixture is the result of an experiment of SIMETECH by Arturo Alvarez. Basically, the idea to be delivered within this Ballet lamp is nothing but beauty since ballet itself is a beautiful dance right? Well, that idea has been appropriately interpreted along the manufacturing process by using unique material that could produce such fluid design all around it. Clearly, at a glance, this Ballet lamp is an unusual yet beautiful lamp to look at which is the evidence that the designing and the manufacturing process have been done correctly. The material itself is a new one created by Arturo Alvarez that has been given an award for the Best of Year of Interior Design Magazine within the category of Innovative Translucent Shading/Lighting Solution. That should make it a unique lamp, right?

Well, in term of its function, this lamp is a wall lamp that could provide soft glare of light. Such peaceful ambiance can then be given by the light produced by this Ballet lamp. It signifies the fact that this lamp will be perfect for a bedroom so that there will be a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere within the bedroom itself.

Meanwhile, the shape of this lamp seems to be a triangular one at a glance. That particular shape is achieved by forming and grouping vertexes so that the freedom and flexibility of the material will deliver such beauty. The result of that method is a naturally fluid shape of this Ballet lamp due to the tension of the article named SIMETECH. It has been mentioned earlier that at a glance it looks like a triangular shape, but it is rather asymmetrical. Within the different point of views, it will look different. It can even be said that Ballet lamp shows its own dance of light and shadow in such ultimate beauty.

The Ballet Wall Lamp As Bedside Light Wooden Bedside Table With Drawers Wooden Headboard Wall Glazed Wall Ocean View Grey Bedding And Pillows

Beautiful Soft Light Seemingly Moved Inside The Triangular Shaped Ballet Wlal Lamps With Soft Lights

Triangular Shaped Ballet Wall Lamp With Soft Light For Peaceul Ambience

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