Dividi Chair, a Smart Functional item

A Wooden Stool And A Green Yellow Upholstery At Once

Lacking space becomes a problem in this era. Many people just have small dwelling or small areas. Therefore, they cannot have significant furniture to help them save the spaces.

Functional furniture is a must in a modern interior, especially for tiny spaces. In the contemporary interiors, every item has to be practical and should have several functions at once. In this great time, I would like to talk about a smart thing that is very proper for you who have tiny spaces. It is a chair that features two seats in one item. Wanna explore about this? Let’s check this one out!

This kind of smart item is called Dividi chair. The name comes as the intelligent design of this item. Such seats are divided into two different seating solutions. It can transform from a usually backed chair into a stool and a traditional Japanese Zaisu. Although the design is straightforward, it can give you a comfy seating item which is very functional to save your tiny space.

It is designed as not highly utilitarian, but also a beautifully constructed item. Therefore, you can use it as a beautiful yet very functional interior. It is made from Birchwood in natural fragrance and bright colors that will give a Scandinavian look with the details of wood grain. This kind of item is also done in a natural process.

The fantastic point of this smart piece is not stopped there. Moreover, the substantial padding is obtained using field fabric, with a thick and consistent texture. The Danish international company of Kyadrat makes such a filling. With the compact designed, a beautiful structure, and substantial padding, this item will give you a maximum satisfaction of having a smart interior because it is functional and beautiful in a quality that no one needs to ask. This item will not make you disappointed.

The look of Dividi chair is made of modern and bold. The neon yellow fabric and light-colored wood that is chosen as the color is an excellent idea. Those color can contrast each other, giving a sign of the stool and the traditional Japanese zaisu smartly. It’s very clever and interesting. This kind of item is very suitable to be placed in a modern space. You can add a touch of traditional Japanese decoration to your area to support the Japanese feel this smart piece gives that. Grab it fast!

A Wooden Stool And A Green Yellow Upholstery

A Wooden Stool And A Green Yellow Upholstery At Once Looked From Bottom

A Wooden Stool And A Green Yellow Upholstery At Once

A Wooden Stool And A Green Yellow Upholstery In One Item

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