Dining Room Chandelier in Spectacular Coastal House Design

To live in coastal house design which applies dining room chandelier will be so exciting because you can see the ocean landscape every time you want. If you are sea lover, this kind of house may become your dream residence.

Now, we will observe in the house project constructed by Cornerstone Architects. This house has location in Austin, Texas. The house is surrounded by the green courtyard as its outdoor decoration. A glamorous swimming pool also completes the joy of this house’s courtyard.

Dining Room Chandelier in Spectacular Coastal House Design

From the front facade, we can see that there are balconies at the upper floor of the house whereas at the ground floor we will find terrace in spacious design. Terrace is decorated by furniture set in contemporary design. White becomes the major feature of this coastal home design.

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Besides that, white also creates bright interior decoration such as the dining room chandelier rustic within the house. Trees, bushes, and green grass, are grown at the other side of the house which add the naturalness of the outdoor living space.

Elegance becomes the main concept of the interior. Because white is the basic feature of the house, the room’s accessories are chosen in the similar color scheme too. For example are the chandeliers and furniture in white feature. Glass plays significant role connecting the room with the house’s environment. Some walls are built in full-glass construction while some other has white frames strengthen the glass materials.

Marble adds the glamorous accent of the residence. This material is used for decorating the modern fireplace and kitchen’s counter top. Sparkling crystal of the chandeliers also make the room looks even more elegant. If we take a look at the ceiling, there is well organized lighting system which sparks the entire room decoration.

Artistic wall paintings or artworks are attached to the wall so that it doesn’t look too plain. Overall, the coastal home design ideas show us how to create dazzling home with dining room chandelier ideas modern in bright color scheme.

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