Diluted Color Scheme in an Apartment with Iconic Spiral Staircase

Sculptural Glass Lamp Shades Pendant Lamp Grey Corner Sofa Wooden Flooring Grey Rug Coffee Tables Round Top Potted Greenert

Having an iconic feature in an interior space is crucial to be able to boost the décor with ease. It can be said to be the focal point of the décor in which it will set the tone for the rest of the space. An apartment could be having a focal point of interior décor that is in a large state. It is true in a way that an apartment in NYC has an iconic spiral staircase inside. Overall this particular apartment has a luxurious appeal with just the perfect incorporation of the diluted color scheme within its interior space. It clearly is inspirational especially for those who are looking to refresh their apartment.

The living room as the main interior space of this apartment is done in a totally neutral set of tones. That is the background of simple design and décor. Well, it is true that luxurious appeal can be there in a simple décor of any interior space. Comfortable sofas in the chic appeal are there alongside a coffee table and unique stools. Overall the so-called luxurious aspect of this apartment interior can be seen in the composition of the furniture items within that living room. Cool artworks and leather coach complete the look in the best way possible.

The master bedroom as the sanctuary of its owner is done in the shades of pink and rose gold accents Overall it is glamorous in many ways. A unique element of the décor is the use of printed pink agate to cover the headboard. That is considered a hot décor trend today. The bedding set is in pink as well to complete the look of the bedroom as well as pink fabrics in its respective use around the bedroom. A console is there using the windowsill to provide a desk surface area in which is a smart way to maximize the use of space.

Meanwhile, the kitchen space is finished in grey and white marble cladding. The countertops are in the dark shade so that the contrasting effect is there with the white cabinets. A home bar is there as well with glass shelves to accommodate various drinks. The dining area has a touch of mid-century modern design with a gilded base of a round table along with unique pendant lamp above. A comfy sofa provides the seating alongside some stylish looking chairs. There is even a home office there with reclaimed grey print wallpaper industrial pendants and open shelving units. Overall this apartment accommodates everything needed by its owner in the most stylish way.

Pink Agate Print Wallpaper White Nightstand White Lamp Shade Table Lamp Black And White Base Upholstered Headboard Cream Curtain

Wooden Flooring Wall Artwork Wlal Mounted Lighting Fixtures Black Upholstered Bench Steel Legs Wooden Chair Bright Colored Sofa Black Door Spiral Staircase

Sculptural White Sideboard Wall Mounted Tv Patterned Wall Covering Black Framed Storm Trooper Lego Display

Sculptural Glass Lamp Shades Pendant Lamp Grey Corner Sofa Wooden Flooring Grey Rug Coffee Tables Round Top Potted Greenert

Large Industrial Style Pendant Wooden Flooring Wooden Chairs Cream Cushions Window Wooden Bench Cream Upholstery Round Table Potted Greenery White Curtains

Marble Statement Wall And Countertops White Kitchen Cabinet Brass Faucet Glass Shelving Home Bar

Creamy Sofas Sculptural Coffee Table Decorative Greenery Round Side Tables Accent Pillows Textured Rug Large Wall Mirror Floating Shelves Books

Spiral Staircase Wooden Steps White Finished Sides

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