Delirium Collection of IKEA Get Refreshed for Better Look

Three Door Sideboard In Grey Carved Door Front Concrete Flooring Leather Sofa Potted Cactus Table Lamp Decorative Items Books

IKEA is a highly popular brand of furniture items. There are many great options for items in many of its collections to choose for any interior space. Amidst the popularity of IKEA and its products, there will always be some creativity to get the better look of IKEA products. There have been some decent collections of IKEA being refreshed to deliver better overall appeal without compromising its practicality at all. The latest project to refresh IKEA items has just done by Superfront in collaboration with Klas Ernflo from Sweden. The so-called Delirium Collection of IKEA is the one being restored decently that it looks great the original version released by IKEA.

Well, within the refreshed items there is a decent looking sideboard with grey finish and brown leather handles as well as carved patterns. The overall appeal of that item is nothing but beautiful. The Delirium College, time is known of the different appeal of the door front since it consists of sideboards. Now the refreshed one features even more playful appeal and selection of each of the door front. There are patterns and colors in different combination of a scheme that can be considered accordingly to beautify different styles of interior decoration.

The pattern on the door front may well be in the same color as the fronts. It is shown here as a kind of relief carved out beforehand. The idea is simple in which the refreshed aspect is just the door fronts of the sideboard within the Delirium Collection of IKEA. It turns out to be a clever way of getting a whole new appeal of such old items.

The selection of the build of the sideboard remains there such as a three-door version of the sideboard. The finish of the sideboard will greatly differ from the original state tough. There is a beautiful piece of three-door sideboard with different carved patterns on its door front. This version has no handles at all that makes it so different from another sideboard within the collection. The sizing of the sideboard can be selected properly according to the available space to place it within any interior space. It is an example of small and simple change can create a different appeal. Thus the so-called Delirium Collection of IKEA has a fresh new appeal to enjoy now.

Three Door Sideboard In Grey Carved Door Front Concrete Flooring Leather Sofa Potted Cactus Table Lamp Decorative Items Books

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