D-Light Lighting Fixture that Displays Different Moods

DLight Lamp As Table Lamp Wooden Desk Man Smiling Wide Wooden Shelf Books Decorative Items

Lighting fixtures for interior spaces are available in so many choices to consider. The main reason is that such item as lighting fixtures can be having multiple functions at the same time. They will serve their main function as a light source for sure. On the other hand, they will be able to provide reasonable enhancement to any décor within the area of their placement. Unique designs, as well as interesting features, can always be found in many interior lighting fixtures to purchase today. One of many unique lamps to buy today is the one named D’Light.

That is a simple name that hides decent functions as well as great appeal. In short, it is said that this particular interior lighting fixture is capable of adapting the mood of anyone easily. IN term of the shape and the build, this lighting fixture is elegant, beautiful and hypnotic at the same time. The simple name of this lamp is derived from the idea that it can be so delightful when using this lamp. On the other hand, it is to signify the fact that it is light. It is not just a lamp that will be as it is when placed and functioned. It is even fun to interact with as an enjoyable thing to watch.

This D’Light lamp is a kinetic device which will adapt its appealing style based on the actual mood set by its users. One surprising fact is that the shape of this lamp is adaptable as well. It is possible for this lamp to orient itself into various shapes in the unique character of its own. It can be functioned as a table lamp, a pendant lamp, a floor lamp, or even an art piece for any décor.

The build of this lamp features a table-top base that can be attached to any available outlet. The light is produced by a smart-bulb that can change colors upon its operation. The so-called honeycomb paper pattern right on the outside of this lamp as its shade can be rotated freely. It is mounted on a frame with the integrated motor to turn it accordingly. The shade is tear-resistant as well as washable. There is the official D’Light app that can be used to get the better experience in using this unique lamp such as altering the colors of the light coming out of it.

DLight Lamp As Table Lamp Wooden Desk Man Smiling Wide Wooden Shelf Books Decorative Items

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