Cylindrical Towers Form a Unique Tree House in Cape Town

Trees Greenery Towers Tree House Build Glazed Walls Wooden Accents

A tree house is a great idea to be a kind of retreat to be on an escape a bit of daily routine. It means that the actual building should be pretty unique and different from the main living space. Well, that surely is the idea of this Paarman Treehouse. It is a pretty unique four-story tree house in the forest. It consists of several towers that are obviously the main factors of its uniqueness. This outstanding masterpiece is done by studio Malan Vorster from the local area of Cape Town using four cylindrical towers forming this awesome looking tree house design. It is enjoyable from the outside white the views of the surrounding are pleasant from the inside for sure.

The purpose of using towers as the main element in the building of this tree house is to deal with the trees around it. The height of the trees is responded by the raised four cylindrical towers to make sure that the views are not obstructed from the interior space of the tree house once it has been finished. The towers have been raised above the ground with large windows on each side of the towers to provide magnificent views of the surrounding that can be enjoyed from the comfortable interior space of this Paarman Treehouse.

Red cedar actually wraps the entire building featuring more massive gaps closer to the windows but in tight spacing. It is intended to ensure the privacy matter is there securely. The main structural columns can be seen there at the center of the rounded volumes or the towers with a branch of arms at the top to secure the amounts using circular rings. There is a smart idea done by the architects that are to leave the materials untreated or unfinished. The idea is to get a beauty of wear and tear once it has been there for a while. Lots of wood can be seen inside to make a warm and cozy feel all over the space.

The first level of this tree house is the living area with semi-circular bays functions differently. There is a patio, a dining nook, and a staircase in those bays. The second floor is the master bedroom space with enclosed glass balustrade. There is a look at the rear of it features a bathroom. The bedroom has a decent view of the ground area as well.

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Glazed Walls Lifted Towers Tree House Design Trees Greenery

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Trees Greenery Towers Tree House Build Glazed Walls Wooden Accents

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