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Wooden Floor Mini Wooden Bed For Cats Potted Plant White Curtain Mini Side Table With Lamp

Cats are cute and adorable for many people. They are among the most popular animals to be kept as pets all over the globe. Many people love cats although they do not have one at home. Well, many items have been designed to be used by cats for many purposes. There are cocoons, retreats, or beds that should be enough for cats to use every day. Unfortunately, they tend to use those items that belong to a human. They sleep on a couch or a sofa and even a bed. So, how to deal with it appropriately?

There is a solution offered by Okawa city of Japan in a campaign to help both cats and human to live better together. There is a set of cat furniture designed and produced accordingly to imitate furniture items of a human. The idea is just to shrink the size of furniture items of human so that cats will use them. The problem with cats’ things is that they tend to be in unique or even awkward shapes compared to the items belong to a human. Hopefully, the miniature of real sized furniture can be preferred by cats.

This particular campaign of introducing mini furniture for cats is unveiled amidst the new generation of artisans. It is intended to build a prosperous industry that has been done before. The primary focus of this campaign as produced by Okawa city is to promote a specific area in Fukuoka where professional artisans can show their skills in providing such items. It is known as well as the campaign of craftsman MADE to boost the industry of Okawa furniture as well. The popularity of cats within viral contents of the web today can surely help this campaign to go well.

In term of the offered mini furniture on this campaign, there are several choices. Mini sofas and beds are the main pieces that indeed resemble the actual beds and sofas of a human. It is also possible that a person orders are matching furniture items together. That is amidst the offered services found within the campaign. So now cats can enjoy using furniture items that look the same as furniture for human just in their respective size. Whether it will be a successful campaign or not it is interesting to see later on. For now, though, it is fun already to enjoy the mini-beds and sofas available for cats.

Wooden Floor Mini Wooden Bed For Cats Potted Plant White Curtain Mini Side Table With Lamp

Ginger Cat Mini Wooden Sofa Green Upholstery Wooden Table Potted Plant Teacup Wooden Cabinet

Mini Wooden Bed For Cats White Bedding Wooden Floor Wooden Bed

Wooden Sofa Green Upholstery Mini Wooden Sofa For Cats Wooden Floor

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