Creative and Unique Design of Binary Lamp with Solar Power

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It is unquestionable that some homeowners prefer to have unique items in their houses. Even in deciding the decoration style to adopt they will think about the uniqueness of the décor. Well, that is pretty reasonable that they do not want to have the same décor as others. Fortunately today there are many items related to interior decoration that can boost uniqueness level of any décor. Small decorative yet functional items can always be considered as the determining factors of better looking interior décor.

The lighting fixture is one of many popular items within the scope of small detailing items for interior decorating. It has its function yet it can be useful as well in term of its appeal. Certain design and shape of the lighting fixture can always be beneficial to some styles of interior décor. Today there are many ideas and inspirations regarding lighting fixture manufacturers in producing decent lighting products. Surprisingly almost anything can be incorporated into the basic idea including natural phenomena, celestial bodies, or even a lunch box. The idea of having a lighting fixture in shape of a lunch box is pretty unexpected, right?

Patricia Alambiaga has designed a decent looking interior lighting fixture with the shape of a lunchbox. Obviously, when it is placed just like that, it will look like a lunch box without any doubt at all. It is a unique design with a simple appeal alongside a simple way to use as well. This lighting fixture is called Binary solar lamp. That solar power feature is also unexpected form a lighting fixture this unique for sure. It is multifunctional since it can either be placed or rested above any flat surface or hung on the wall. It can even be hung on anything to be frankly. The handles of this Binaer lighting serve their purpose as their legs as well which is the pretty clever idea.

It is considerably an all-rounder item since it can easily fit any decoration style. There is not much of detailing that reflects a certain style of décor in it. It can be incorporated as a decorative item in any décor or an emergency light when needed. The solar power charging feature of this item is a decent addition to a highly functional item for any interior décor that can be found today. Binaer lighting is a unique lighting fixture for any homeowner in need of functional and beautiful lighting item.

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Hanging Green Binear Lamp Yellow Binear Lamp

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