Cozy Wooden Mountain Cabin Named Big Pine

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Spending a holiday in a natural wooden cabin is always a great idea. Located at hillside and close to Mother Nature will deliver the best feeling of enjoying a holiday. It will indeed be a great way to relax as well out of crowded daily routine in the city. There have been many cabins made of wood in various areas that are all perfect to be a holiday spot. Although such cabin will mostly be built of wood, the design and decoration can be altered to stand out and look awesome really.

There is a wooden mountain cabin with modern accents all over it named Big Pine. This particular cabin can be found on a sloped site of Methow Valley, Washington, United States of America. Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects designed the booth. The primary purpose of the cabin is to offer an escape for busy family and couple out of their daily routine once in a while. It is surrounded by ponderosa trees alongside a meadow with great views of the North Cascades Mountains and valley. Staying at the cabin will be an excellent experience for everyone with many things to offer as well inside the cabin.

The décor is somewhat modern although many pieces of wood and stone were being used. In term of the wood finish, both natural and reclaimed can be seen there for different accents. Even the solid colored wood comes in various shades for better appeal of the décor appeal. Rustic flair comes out of two stone chimneys accompanying concrete floors. Meanwhile, there is also a perfect combination of stone and glass that are connecting the different volumes of the house. All and all, it is an ideal décor package to enjoy when spending a holiday there.

There are also patios provided on both sides of the building. The primary function of those patios is to extend the open space living area while also offering better chances of anyone staying there to get the views of the Mother Nature just outside. Both of the patios were decorated using the same materials as well as the style of the interior of this wooden cabin. Meanwhile, for an outdoor dining experience, there is an outdoor barbecue area alongside a fireplace. It offers outdoor dining during warmer times. The Big Pine is undoubtedly a complete package of a wooden mountain cabin for a retreat. Enjoyable holiday is guaranteed there.

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