Cozy Interior of a Simple Wooden House

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The use of wood in any interior décor can boost the coziness level of any space. When the entire interior space is made of wood then surely space will have the ultimate level of coziness to enjoy. This house named Wooden House is an example of it. The name of this house resembles its appeal and material. It is made of wood with glazed walls to provide amazing views of the woodlands surrounding the building. Overall it looks pretty simple from the outside while the inside is nothing but beautiful and cozy.

The house has only 82 square meters of space in a woodland area of Slovenia. Beautiful views of the surrounding are amidst the attractions to enjoy from the inside of the house. Privacy is amidst some of the most crucial elements given lots of attention here by the architects. In term of its outer finish, it has a durable shell to keep everyone inside safe whenever bad weather comes from the location of the house is in woodlands.

Meanwhile, there is another crucial factor of this house in the form of a blurred line of connection between the inside and the outside. It is intended to create a strong connection to the outdoor area with the use of glazed façade right there in on the ground floor of this Wooden House. Overall that façade frames the views of the surrounding while also providing abundant natural lights for an amazing tone of the interior during the day. Even the surrounding area is considered an integral part of the interior due to that glazed façade.

It has been mentioned earlier that the name Wooden House resembles the fact that wood is the main material of this unique house. Throughout the space, wood can easily be seen in the form of floor, walls, and ceiling. There is no rustic feel at all inside the space with that much of wood to be used inside the interior. Overall the décor focuses on practicality so that there is nothing without its needed functions to be found inside the house. The ground level of this house is the place of the bathroom, dining area, living room, and a kitchen. Meanwhile, the upper level has bedrooms for different purposes. There are the main bedroom and the one for the kids on the other side. Wooden and metal stairs separate the two levels.

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Attic Master Bedroom Space White Bedding Small Table Lamp Metal Hanger

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