Cozy and Edgy Combination of Several Functions in a Living Room

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When living space is rather limited, there is a decent solution to maximize its function by combining different functions in one area. Open layout will be the main idea of really maximizing living space. There will commonly be an open space living area with integrated dining room, kitchen and even a home office. The main activities of the owner will be able to be done there except of course bathing and sleeping. A cozy and edgy modern living space can look good with a dining room and a home office in it. He décor is kept in a neutral scheme so that it offers a high level of comfort within the open layout living space itself.

Surprisingly it can all be done in style. Creating an open layout living space with dining room and home office in it is simple. It could even be done without using partitions or dividers at all. Next, to it, there is even a kitchen with transparent walls that promote more natural lights entering the open layout living space. The zoning of the open layout is done by certain furniture items being used there. A combination of a corner sofa and an L-shaped desk is the key in the zoning of this space arrangement.

Meanwhile, in term of the color scheme of the area, there is a combination of neutral shades. Beige alongside black can be seen there giving the needed atmosphere for a modern space in such minimalist décor. Not many decorative items that can be seen there since the decoration style focuses on the practicality aspect. It still looks pretty good at the end of a modern space like this one. It stays simple without bold splashes of color, but it looks nice.

The actual dining space is there in between the living room and the kitchen. It is considered to be the central space that offers communication in both ways. The cooking can be done without having to be kind of disconnected from the living room. Meanwhile, in term of the working space, it is a comfortable one with that L-shaped desk. The desk offers more than enough working surface for several people. So, it is a pretty nice setup to create a nicely designed open layout living space with the integrated home office. Working will no longer be a separated activity from the living room now.

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