Cork and Metal Mix in a Beauty of Natura Stove

Concrete Walls Wooden Flooring Firewood Glazed Wall Black Version Of Natura Steel And Cork Indoor Stove

An indoor stove can never be this good as the one called Natura Stove. It is a piece of item that will quickly bring chic and cozy feel in any interior space. It can even boost the comfort level of any area because it is a wood burning stove to warm any space up. The one thing that makes it a gorgeous piece is that it is made of cork and steel. That perfect mix of two different materials is a common thing in designing and manufacturing process of furniture items as this Natura stove. It is a smart decision to mix steel with cork since the look of this Natura Stove is nothing but beautiful.

This so-called Natura Stove is considered to be an innovative piece since it has been given the award of 2017 RedDot Design Award. The main idea behind this beautiful piece of an indoor stove is the fact that touching a burning furnace is always fun. Thus the so-called cork is incorporated as one of the materials of this wood burning stove. The cork is separated cleverly from the steel so that along the use of the furnace it will not get darker and darker. That is one reason of the cork to be touchable even when the oven is burning. Aside from just giving a kind of natural vibe to the item, the cork itself is considered the safety button that anyone can touch the stove safely although it uses steel as well. That way makes it pretty reasonable for this stove to be given the innovative award.

In term of the finish, the cork is available in either the light or the dark version. Meanwhile, the steel as the main material of this stove is done in black. This Natura stove is a perfect mix of different elements from the different origin as well. The actual piece is perfect to be placed in any space especially a modern one. The main steel structure of the stove ensures its durability while the cork covering at the exterior makes it safe to touch. Now it is possible to enjoy the warmth of fire from pretty proximity and even to feel the body of the stove while it is burning. Add this Natura stove in any space to get its warmth and cool as well as the cozy atmosphere in no time.

Natura Stove In Black Steel Base With Light And Dark Finished Cork Accents

Concrete Walls Wooden Flooring Firewood Glazed Wall Black Version Of Natura Steel And Cork Indoor Stove

Natura Wood Burning Steel And Cork Modern Stobe Black Steel And Glass Front

Light Colored Cork Of Natura Black Steel Indoor Wood Burning Stove

Soft Textural Finished Cork Of The Natura Indoor Stove With Black Front

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