Cool Summer House with Lots of Wood in Scandinavian Style

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It is pretty important for a summer house or any other holiday house to look good. Well, there is a decent summer house located in the village of Raubichi of Belarus. The summer house is designed by Zrobym Architects of Minsk to be a cozy retreat. Within the total of 731 square feet, the summer house is a beautiful one to look at due to natural touches which will easily excite anyone planning to stay there. Surely it is a smart idea to incorporate natural elements within the summer house to highlight the idea of being a cozy retreat close to nature within the surrounding area.

This summer house has its traditional Belorussian style merged seamlessly with modern décor. The fact that two different styles are involved in the construction of this summer house only means that the uniqueness of décor of it is so awesome. In short, this summer house is a perfect combination of modern Scandinavian with traditional Belorussian in one beautiful harmony. Wooden cladding can surely be seen throughout the house as the main look which is perfect for a summer cottage. Zrobym Architects have been so careful in designing and constructing the house though to avoid any possible flaws in term of the décor.

So, within the central living space of this summer house, there is a set of perfectly harmonious and highly comfortable seating. Wooden clad walls can be seen there alongside wooden beams as well as a wood burning stove. Well, the stove looks pretty modern though which has been so successful in enhancing the feel of mountain retreat of the building. Large windows are there to boost natural view and light to enter the house. Some accents of black can be seen in several areas of the house to enhance its unique appeal. Furthermore, the wooden clad walls are offering different patterns in different areas.

The open floor plan of the bottom level of the house is the key to maximize the flow of space. It features a living room and a kitchen. Meanwhile, the master bedroom and a bathroom are surely in different areas of the first floor. Meanwhile, the stairway leads to the attic in which much Scandinavian aesthetic stuff can be found there. This summer house is a nice example of a summer house with quite contrasting elements put together perfectly. It will be an enjoyable moment to stay there for a while, right?

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White Table Lamp Wall Lamps Grey Bed Wooden Desk Wooden Chair Wooden Open Shelf Cabinet Laptop Wooden Clad Walls Wooden Floor Books

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