Cool Dressing Room with Makeup Corner

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Every girl will love to have a dressing room that fits their needs. Some men have that matter in their mind too. Those who have lots of space in their house will surely be able to have a decent dresser with all of their stuff stored there. They will just have to search and pick one or two to wear for certain occasions easily with the proper dressing room. A proper dressing room should be having storage spaces as well as a specific spot for makeup. A couple will easily get the benefits of having a well-designed dressing room. Fortunately, there are many ideas and inspirations about the ways to set up a cool dressing room.

There is a cool dresser in which it features a window. The window is a great source of natural lights so that the space inside the dresser is not that narrow and small. It is great for the dressing up activity as well. Built-in wardrobes can be seen all over the walls of the dressing room with just the right measurement to store many outfits and clothes. Each one of the built-in wardrobes features additional lighting fixtures to ensure that all sections of the wardrobes are well lit to be seen clearly and easily.

Furthermore, the use of white as the main color scheme of the wardrobes as well as the shelves in the dressing room is a clever one. It makes it easier to see and find the clothes, outfits, or even shoes to wear. It will also emphasize the stored stuff there further just like a display cabinet in stores. The stored items will be visible in the background of white tone.

There is a large mirror attached to the side of the storage shelf for bags. Surely this mirror is the center for the makeup related activities. It is true that there is a comfy makeup nook right there alongside several smaller mirrors. Chalkboard can also be seen there that can be functioned when needed. This particular dressing room is well-designed with all items are in place according to their functions. Nothing in this bright and cool dressing room that has no functions at all. Well, it is a great idea to have a decent dressing room like this one which will help to display many kinds of stuff while providing easy access to them when needed.

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Glazed Walls Shiny Flooring Greu Sofa Dedcorative Plants Large Flat Screen Tv Large Wall Artwork Yellow Chairs Wooden Kitchen Island Metal Stools Mirrored Staircase

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