Cool and Functional Modern Dining Tables to Buy

PicNYC Table By Haiko Cornelissen Architecten Metal Frame Wooden Bench Wine Glasses Real Living Green Lawn Grass Surface

Within the modern world of interior decoration, practical items are preferred over decorative items. It means that any furniture items used in any space should be having the highest level of function aside of just being decorative. Yet it is true that the design and appeal should be cool without compromising any functional aspect of the items. Thus there are some of the best options of the dining table to choose that are cool and functional.

Kram/Weisshaar offers the Sapienstone Smart Slab in form of a composite table with built-in heating, cooling, and motion sensing features. The heating system right beneath the plates will maintain the proper heat of the foods. The cooling feature is around the table to keep the bottles cool. Meanwhile, SAYAR&GARIBEH has its Juggler Table to display a modern dining interpretation beautifully. It has no excess whatsoever to maximize its function above its marble legs. An expanded collection named Abyss from Duffy London has the Abyss Dining Table to offer. It is a perfect combination of glass and wood in multiple layers of glass in the stack. It replicates dramatic depths of the ocean as its beauty.

Austeja Platukyte has its Swallow Table to bring people together for dinner. It has clever built-in slots for a tablecloth to keep it nice and neat. Meanwhile, the so-called Atlas Dining Table by Psalt Design delivers a bit of industrial accent with the basic idea of Atlas. It has steel framework as its legs with a universal top design to be easily altered for different use. Daniel Liss came up with a clever idea of multifunctional dining table called Table for Two. The table can be altered to function as a dining table or simply a desk to fir different needs in a space. Haiko Cornelissen Architecten has an aluminum table called picNYC Table. Its tabletop is the most unique part of it with green lawn grass cover. It really is a natural flair within a modern design.

Stelios Mousarris come along with the others within the cool and modern dining table section with the Wave City Table. Surprisingly the table is a kind of interpretation of the famous movie Inception. It is made of steel and wood with 3D components. The coloring and painting were done in a hand-painted method. One last choice of a modern and cool dining table is known as Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordmark. There are several walls under a diamond glass sheet with six movable figures. Well, it is considered a playful table, right?

Swallow Table By Austeja Platukyte White Finished Legs Wooden Top

PicNYC Table By Haiko Cornelissen Architecten Metal Frame Wooden Bench Wine Glasses Real Living Green Lawn Grass Surface

Wave City Table By Stelios Mousarris Curved S Shaped Wooden Base City Miniature Design Glass Tabletop

Labyrinth Table By Benjamin Nordsmark Glass Tabletop Labyrinth Inside Small Movable Figures

Abyss Dining Table By Duffy London Glass Tabletop Ocean Depth Design

Juggler Table By SAYAR Marble Legs Brass Frames Ceramic Plates Various Sizes

Table For Two By Daniel Liss Multifunctional Table Office Desk Dining Table White Chairs Wooden Surface Table Lamp Laptop Book

Smart Slab Table By Kram Weisshaar Glass Surface Dinerware

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