5. A Set Of Wooden Dining Table On A Red Rug, With Flowers On It And Interesting Lamp Hang Above In Front Of An Artwork.

This contemporary home by Crowell & Co is dyed with the white shade and combined with the smart amount of color accents, some bold elements, and funky abstract art. Want to see that all elegant things? Let’s gather around and have a look!

The central space of this contemporary home has a living room and a dining room which are separated by not a very large wall. This idea is useful for creating a fine barrier between two areas. The living room is smartly done with a corner sofa and a couple of chairs. Some colorful touches like a turquoise chair or colorful pillows also give an amazing look of the space. Also, some artworks that tone up space are also placed in the right position. Behind the sofa, you may have a glance at a large artwork, an upholstered bench, and a stack of books. Here, the wooden beams help to level up the coziness of the space. Many artworks also embellish the dining room, but that will not disturb our eyes to look at a rough concrete table as the primary eye-catcher. This table is complemented with some leather chairs and highlighted with a rug in fuchsia color. If we look more detail, there is a statement in the space that comes from a bold sunburst chandelier which gives smart look. The kitchen is opened to the dining space, but it is still visually separated. Brilliant isn’t it? White cabinets and light blue backsplash are the ornaments that can be seen in the kitchen. There is also a breakfast space on the kitchen island, and the air freely enters the area. It makes your breakfast relaxer and more enjoyable.

The bedroom has a wooden bed, minimalist white floating nightstands and a cool chair, and cute lamps. A large artwork is added to give the more fabulous look of the space. Now, let’s take a look at the bathroom. An interesting and attractive bird-print wallpaper covers its whole wall. The gilded touches give a chic and sophisticated feel to this zone. The decoration looks very simple. Nevertheless, the smart choice of color and the proper place of the furniture and the walls make this home eye-catchy but comfy. The chic mid-century modern touches give an outstanding feeling for everyone who enters this home. Still, want to have a look at this fabulous home? Let’s go down and find some pictures of these cools spaces!

4. A Set Of Wooden Dining Table On A Red Rug, With Flowers On It And Interesting Lamp Hang Above.

2. A Wooden Sofa With An Artwork Above, A Stack Of Books On It And In The Left Side, And Plant In The Right Side.

7. White Big Bed In The Wooden Frame With Black And White Pillows Match With White Cabinet, And Monochromatic Artwork.

1. A White Room With White Furniture Like Rug And Sofa Combined With Some Colorful Cushions And A Dog.

8. Elegant Look From White Sink And A Mirror In A Statment Wall Bathroom.

5. A Set Of Wooden Dining Table On A Red Rug, With Flowers On It And Interesting Lamp Hang Above In Front Of An Artwork.

3. A Blue Chair With Blue Patterned Cushion, A Table And A Coffe Table, A Standing Lamp, And A Tall Plant In A Spot Of A Room.

6. A Kitchen With All White Cabinets, Breakfast Bar, Some Chairs, And Hanging Lamps Combined With An Elegant Refrigerator.

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