Concrete Aplomb Lamps

Three Kinds Of Aplomb Pendant Lamps In Yellow, Red, And Green

There are many materials that can be used for home decoration. There are, marble, stone, concrete, wood, and many others. Concrete is a famous material that is used for home decor. It is usually used for covering walls, floors, ceilings, and even to create furniture. Although it sounds a little bit strange and impossible, but lamps and lighting items also part of them. Lamps and lighting items are very crucial to be add in a space and there are many of them which are designed uniquely. Some of lamps and lighting items use concrete as the material to create them. You can find plenty concrete lamps that make a cool modern statement to a space. The one which is called Aplomb is one of them.

Aplomb is firstly released in 2010. Aplomb is a concrete-cast stunner of a light piece, the overt solidity of the form and material that striking an intriguing contrast to its size and function. This kind of lamp is completed with energy-saving LED technology. The bulb life is longer that can reduce maintenance and add the value of eco-efficiency and minimal resource use.

Designers Lucidi & Pevere and manufacturer Foscarini is the one behind Aplomb. They announce a new iteration of Aplomb just in time for fall. They present this kind of lamp as a captivating suspension lamp which is now available in the shades of autumn. Autumn is related to calming shades. The new colors which are available are Sand Yellow, Brick Red, and Olive Green, shades that complement the extant organic hues of raw concrete, icy white, and earthy brown. Those kind of colors really reflect the fall season and will bring the fall feel to your space.

Aplomb is created from various elements. They are light and heavy, refined, and industrial. Such a collaboration gives this lamp a unique image and arresting aesthetic. It will offer you an interesting and attractive look by its wonderful design. You can just have one piece in your space. It will give your space light and a look that can grab everyone attention. Yet, you do not to just have a piece in your space. You may have some of such a piece in a smartly arranged clusters in your space. It will give you more lights and the look of your space will be more outstanding and wonderful. Do not think too much and just take them home. Make you space wonderful!

Three Kinds Of Aplomb Pendant Lamps Over A Table With A Vase, A Bowl, And A Plate On It

Three Kinds Of Aplomb Pendant Lamps Over A Wooden Counter Bar

Three Kinds Of Aplomb Pendant Lamps In Yellow, Red, And Green

Three Kinds Of Aplomb Pendant Lamps

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