Compact Hut from Muji as a Movable Holiday Home

Small Square Glass Window Large White Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Black Finished Base Patterned Rug White Bed Wooden Legs Light Finished Wooden Walls White Pillows

Some people may not be able to buy or build holiday homes in the beach or retreat cottages in the countryside. That is the main thing concerned by Muji as a brand of home-goods. That concern leads to a decent product of prefab home for anyone with the tight budget. That particular prefab home from Muji is in for of a minimalist hut that can be placed just about anywhere its owners wanted it to be. It means that a kind of small cabin living in the countryside will be highly possible with this prefab home from Muji. Even a peaceful beachfront living is not going to be expensive anymore, right?

Overall this prefab home is just below ten sqm to be called compact. It offers a large enough space for four people to sit comfortably inside. The idea is to provide a short getaway over the weekend that will not be too expensive at all. Furthermore, the fact that it can be placed anywhere means that the choices are so wide in term of the desired atmosphere of the surrounding when planning to have a kind of short holiday. Average city dweller will surely be getting all possible benefits of this prefab home from Muji right away.

The fact that it is little means that light is crucial elements inside. Thus it houses plenty of lights inside due to its large sliding door and additional window facing right to it. The clever way of designing and manufacturing this compact home is taken from traditional shipbuilding technique from Japan. It means that the material used is burnt cedar wood in the purpose of getting the highest possible level of durability. The exterior finish has its antiseptic properties from the use of burnt hardwood cladding. Ground moisture issue will not be a problem with the raft foundation system of this prefab home.

Right inside this compact home, there is a cedar-clad small room and concrete flooring. The main décor style is the minimalist style in which the furniture items are the only crucial things needed in daily life. A floor lamp, a hearth, a bed, a bench, and a storage unit for firewood can be found inside this compact house. The warm-colored natural wood finish inside the house is the key to its cozy atmosphere. It can be personalized further depending on the style preferences of its owners.

Dark Finished Cedar Wooden Exterior Wall Panels Outdoor Boots Grass Outdoor Surface Greenery Light Colored Wooden Interior Walls Glazed Sliding Door White Bed White Pillows White Lamp Shade Floor Lamp

Green Grass Surface Greenery Concrete Base Dark Finished Wooden Compact Outdoor Cabin

Dark Finished Exterior Wooden Wall Panels Square Compact Wooden Cabin Square Small Glass Window Greenery Ocean View

Compact Wooden Hut By Mujiin Dark Finished Exterior Walls Light Finished Wooden Interior Walls Green Grass Surface

Small Square Glass Window Large White Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Black Finished Base Patterned Rug White Bed Wooden Legs Light Finished Wooden Walls White Pillows

Black Framed Glass Sliding Door Patterned Rug Concrete Flooring Small Wooden Bench Books Black Hearth Metal Storage For Firewoods Light Wooden Walls

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