Compact and Modern Looking Apartment in Black and White

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Black and white can actually look good in a compact space such as an apartment. Proper ways of using the combination of those colors will really determine the outcome of the interior decorating. Certainly, some accents of other tones will be needed to warm the décor up further while also avoiding a dull atmosphere of the contrasting black and white theme. Surprisingly 3XEL Architekci of Poland managed to create a welcoming and cozy feel in a compact apartment located in Lodz of Poland. The apartment is in the building called Triangle Flat with a stunning interior of black and white.

The living space of this compact apartment has two walls in white and two walls in black. There is a black triangle up to the ceiling to create a more dramatic effect on the contrasting combination of black and white as the background of the décor. Meanwhile to spruce up space further warm texture of wooden floor along with wooden bookcase is there. Furthermore, a cozy sofa in grey, as well as a small black and white coffee table, can be seen there within the living space for a cozy atmosphere all over it.

Within the interior of this compact apartment, there is a kitchen done in the white backsplash and black wooden cabinet. The cabinets are not entirely in black though since there are some warm-colored cabinets as well. An entryway is left in clean white that is pretty visible from the living room with the black walls. In term of the storage solution for that particular space, there is a smart storage unit that features a seat to add more seating space with the highest level of comfort.

Moving into the bedroom there is a perfect mixture of grey and white to create a really relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Those kinds of the atmosphere are definitely needed in a bedroom to be able to have a good rest whenever needed. The upholstered bed is looking so inviting in that bedroom. There is a white storage unit in one of the corners there that sit pretty seamlessly. Meanwhile, the ceiling is done in grey to add to the soothing and relaxing feel of the space. There is a desk on the window sill area with some storage compartments underneath for additional storage spaces. The bathroom has a combination of patterned black and white tiles alongside large black tiles within the shower area.

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Large Circular Ceiling Lamp Wooden Flooring Bold Pink Lettering Wall Artwork Silver Wall Lamps Grey Upholstered Bed White Bedding White Wooden Wardrobe

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