Comfortable Outdoor Rocking Chairs from Varaschin

Iroko Wood Base White Finished Steel Frame Structure Soft Cushion In Wood Color Finish

Varaschin has its famous Outdoor Therapy that offers various pieces of outdoor furniture designed specifically to maximize outdoor space enjoyment. Amidst the items within the outdoor furniture of Varaschin, there is the Summerset Rocking Armchair. Obviously it is a rocking chair that is explicitly designed to be used in any outdoor space at the right moment to enjoy the atmosphere outside. It really is an ideal choice for any outdoor activity in which it could easily fit into modern space. The actual design was done by Christophe Pillet in which this particular item really connects modernity with tradition. Renowned steel net build is there as a definition of a nice looking rocking chair with some new contemporary elements. In short, the overall design of this Summerset Rocking Armchair is a visualization and interpretation of sophisticated modern design alongside historical appeal in one piece of seating.

The fact that it is designed to be used in any outdoor space means that it should be appropriately coated. Thus the steel grid and legs of this rocker are powder coated with the protective standard for pool and marine areas. The base is iroko wood that can then be completed with 2 cushion options alongside many options of colors. In term of the cushions, there is the one with two small quilted pillows and the one removable cushion in bi-color finish. Thus anyone can really find the best option of this rocker to consider according to space where this rocker will be placed.

The overall build of this chair is a nice one to watch. The iroko wood base of this chair looks seamlessly nice alongside steel structure as well as soft pillow cushion. Furthermore, it is actually a lightweight item since the net structure is not delivering any additional weight at all. It looks really nice to be placed in any outdoor space since the design itself is a well-balanced design. It offers a wrapping embrace in warm feel and delightful atmosphere completed with a high level of comfort and softness when sitting on it. Aside from that this rocker is simple enough so that it will even be nice to be placed in any indoor space as well just whenever it is needed and considered appropriate. Obviously, this Summerset Rocking Armchair from Varaschin could be a highly functional piece of furniture item while also being so decent in enhancing the décor of any space it is placed.

Wood Base Metal Frame Structure Net Structure Surfaces Neutral Finished Single Cushion

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Summerset Rocking Armchair By Christophe Pillet For Varaschin Wooden Base White Finished Frame Wood Colored Cushions Small White Round Table Ocean View

Iroko Wood Base White Finished Steel Frame Structure Soft Cushion In Wood Color Finish

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