Colorful iris Swinging Chair Made of Nylon Bands

Iris Swinging Chair Metal Pink Tube Frame Blue Pink Red Yellow Nylon Bands

Adding colorful touches to any interior décor can dramatically transform the look of it. Some styles of decoration will greatly be improved by adding colorful items. Today it is easy to find items in the colorful finish to be mixed with various styles of interior decoration. Furthermore, multi-functional items are considered to be favorable today. Homeowners love to have items that can perform more than just one function. The idea of being highly practical and functional while being so appealing at the same time is the key to great items related to interior décor today.

Kevin Hviid along with GANNI has created a colorful item in the highly functional characteristic that can be incorporated into various styles of interior décor as well as exterior spaces. The Copenhagen-based cabinet manufacturer delivers the colorful swinging chair under the name of Iris. Well, it is a functional swinging chair that makes it possible to be placed either indoor or outdoor. It is a tall item in which its height measured up to three meters. It is wide enough to accommodate more than just one person in which the idea is to promote human interactions when using it. In term of the comfort level, this swinging chair features a comfortable hanging couch for any activity. That is about the functions of this item.

Next thing is the actual build of this iris swinging chair. It is constructed of a sturdy metal tube frames finished in pink. That is the perfect start to build a durable item to be functional for a long time. Furthermore in term of its main feature are the nylon bands. There are about 600 nylon bands on the metal frame which are all manually installed. The manual installation is intended to get the perfect appeal of the chair. The nylon bands are in several different colors and shades to boost the colorful appeal of this swinging chair. Red, yellow, blue, purple and pink can be seen therein form of beautifully arranged nylon bands.

It is a considerably creative design that makes it okay to be incorporated into any space. It functions well since it swings nicely while also being so beautiful in its appeal. It can even be a focal point in an interior décor since it is so vibrant and colorful. One thing for sure is that this swinging chair is a pretty unique idea of making a functional and beautiful item related to interior décor.

Iris Swinging Chair Metal Pink Tube Frame Blue Pink Red Yellow Nylon Bands

Colorful Nylon Bands Pink Tube Metal Frame

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