Colorful Bo-Em 006 A B C TV Unit

The Bo Em 006 A B C With A Vinyl On It And Books In The Open Storage

A TV becomes a need because it can be one of the entertaining sources. Yet, a TV is not only becomes an entertaining source, but also it can be used for another thing. A TV can be used for the presentation viewer is a meeting. It can be also used as a media to do video conference.

Many people have a TV in their dwelling, offices, and many other spaces. A TV need to be kept in a proper place to keep safe and good, and people usually use a TV unit to place their TV. In this time, I would like to share a contemporary TV unit that can be a great furniture for your space.

This item is called The Bo-Em 006 A B C which is designed by Sotiris Lazou. Such an item is designed in various sizes and completed with 2 drawers, 2 open spaces, and 2 lacquered wall storage units. Those drawers and storage unit will help you store your stuffs. Do you want to know it more? Let’s check it out and get amazed!

The contemporary TV unit is presented in mixing colors with a wide selection of wood, cements and glass patterns. That kind of designed is done to give a unique and eye catching piece of furniture. The Bo-Em 006 A B C provides a mix between a bookcase, container, and display unit. Such a piece perfectly combines essential storage pieces with graphic impact of the nonconformist design in order to provide a one of a kind piece of furniture which is proper for any living room that wishes to be out of the ordinary.

The Bo-Em 006 A B C is not only proper for private spaces, but it also can be a perfect solution to be a proper piece of furniture for the office area, meeting rooms, and even video conferences. Its clean design combines the complexity of its parts with the modernity of unusual wood finishes.

This kind of furniture is integrated with generously deep storage units that sit directly on the floor. It is fixed on the interesting hardwood legs and completed with various doors or drawers that build up the base of the console. The customization possibilities allow the upper units to be selected from a great number of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be combined over the base in order to create a unique and custom design.

The Bo Em 006 A B C With A Vinyl On It And Books In The Open Storage In Front Of A Table On A Rug

The Bo Em 006 A B C In The Shades Of Blue, White, And Natural Wood

The Bo Em 006 A B C With A Vinyl On It And Books In The Open Storage

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