Chord Lighting Fixture of Alex Allen Studio from Brooklyn

Chord Pendant Light Large Semi Circular Metal Frame Led Accentuating Lights

It is pretty common to use lighting fixture as an accentuating piece of any décor style in any interior. Thus there are many options for lighting fixtures designed in the unique way possible for that purpose of adding the unique accent to any décor. Aside from that matter surely the lighting fixture will remain to be highly functional. It means that it will serve its function as a lighting fixture while also having its contribution towards the overall appeal of the décor. The Chord is definitely that kind of piece. It is the latest product of Alex Allen Studio within the line of the indoor lighting fixture.

It delivers a certain level of elegance and uniqueness within any space where it is placed. Its metal finish is one of its main feature and attraction to enjoy. That kind of finish is one reason that it could easily accentuate any décor easily. In short, this lighting fixture is just a simple one with a hidden source of light under the beauty of its exterior appeal. The delineated semi-circular form is there in the simplest way of this lighting fixture. Overall it can even be considered to be a bit quirky and glam at the same time. One more thing about it is that it has a kind of chic talent as well where every modern space will look nice with it added.

It has a pendant form so that it will not use too much space in anywhere it is being placed. An entryway, a home office, a living room, or even a dining space will be looking really good with the addition of this lighting fixture from Alex Allen Studio from Brooklyn. Anyway, the fact that it is a pendant is a smart way of really showcasing this lighting fixture. Anyone will be able to easily spot this lighting fixture upon entering to space with this lamp inside.

The semi-circular gilded frame is accentuating its main build. It is pretty simple to be able to match modern minimalist décor style. Its metallic finish looks really nice with LEDs attached to it as the light source. It can easily be used to accentuate certain objects as well within any room. Even in a room, it is possible to have more than one piece of this lighting fixture with the idea of getting better accents of the décor. Chord is another decent piece of lighting fixture from Alex Allen Studio that will be perfect for any modern space.

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Chord Pendant Light Large Semi Circular Metal Frame Led Accentuating Lights

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