Cats and Books Inspire a Residential House in Brooklyn

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Anything can inspire House renovation along with interior designing and decorate. Some ideas are considerably more popular than others. Natural factors or elements often encourage homeowners to have nature-inspired décor in the interior of their houses. Some other people may prefer to have specific materials as the theme of their decoration. Well, two book lovers with a row house in Brooklyn have been inspired by their cats as well as their love of books when renovating their house. It is a unique idea to combine books and cats in a home renovation project. It turned out to be a well-done job by BFD Architects to get the best of their house within the theme of books and cats.

Well, mainly the main focuses on renovating the house are to give each one a respective working place inside the house with light and color while also providing just enough space for their cats inside. Yes, all of their books should be able to be displayed while their cats should have their places to hide and roam all day long inside the house. Indeed those requirements are not hard to fulfill by the BFD Architects with that result.

Within the house, there is a 20 x 50 feet main living space with a tall ceiling measuring 10 foot. To be able to display the entire books of the owners there is a built-in bookcase all the way from the front section to the rear section of the house. It features uneven ledge on top of it so that cats can walk on it quickly. Some parts of the shelf allow cats to climb with trap doors in ever end of the rooms so that cats will not get trapped.

Meanwhile, in the dining space, there are more bookshelves with many more books on display. Modern dining chairs accompany a black dining table alongside sculptural lamp to highlight the entire area. Inside the kitchen is so bright since it is white with abundance natural lights. Books can be found there as well in a well-organized manner of course. The master bedroom is a colorful area with bold textiles as accentuating aspects while some artworks are there as well. Overall this row house is now a beautiful looking house with all that the owners wanted to be featuring the needs of cats and their collection of books.

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Rectangular Glass Top Table Blue Chair Pink Sofa Wooden Floor Rustic Bench Stair Crystal Chandelier Books Bookshelves Grey Sofa Small Round Wooden Side Table Patterned Rugs

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