Back Country House with New Zealand Huts Inspired Décor

Anything can always be the basic idea of designing and building a residential house. Furthermore, it is common today that traditional looking hose from the exterior offers modern and sophisticated furniture in its interior. So, the idea of having a traditional style residential house inspired by New Zealand huts ...

3 years ago Katarina Erdmann


A Suburban Home in Modern Design with Unique Mirrored Staircase

A focal point is a must in any décor. It is the way to attract everyone entering the house while also being the center of the décor. So it is important to set the focal point first before dealing with the rest of the décor when dealing with interior ...

3 years ago Karina Dalman


Outstanding Ocean View from a Nicely Designed Thai Villa

A villa is a beautiful place to spend a quality holiday for sure. It can be built in many areas although some areas are considered to be more favorable by people. One of the accessible regions to construct a villa is an oceanfront area. There have been many villas ...

3 years ago Marlis Wendland


Creative Techniques for Outdoor Space Lighting

Outdoor space needs lighting too. It is true that more and more people are willingly spending their time outside the house by doing various activities. Today it is easy to find more outdoor kitchens where people love to have a small gathering with their relatives and friends. Surely there ...

3 years ago Adelar Moritz