Adding Masculine Kitchen in Your Home

Every man needs a cool man cave for himself to live, sleep, or do anything he likes in to relax and cozy nuance. The space with masculine usually touches moody and dark, but they are not gloomy. They can be said as comfy dark shades. Playing textures to give ...

2 years ago Wolfram Schulberg


A Multifunctional Rowhouse with Modernist Furniture

Hello, fellas everywhere you are! This time will be a great time to discuss an inspiring split house. The house was firstly built in the 1900s and New York design studio White Arrow has recently renovated it. They split the house into two parts restoring both and emphasizing the ...

2 years ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Beauty over Minimalist Design of Cove Kitchen Island

Amidst the many items that can be incorporated to beautify any interior space, there are certain items for the kitchen. Well, the kitchen may not be a popular space where many homeowners are paying attention to its appeal. It is important to have a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen to ...

2 years ago Sophia Horkheimer


Vintage Kitchen Décor with Rustic and Glam Accents

A kitchen can be a highly inviting place when decorated properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners did not pay attention to the decoration of their kitchen. It is considered to be the place that should be functional and practical so that its appeal is said to be less important. That idea ...

2 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser


Clever Ways to Conceal Trash Can in a Kitchen

A trash can is a must for any kitchen. Unfortunately, this particular item is not that cool to watch. It could probably affect the décor of the kitchen by placing a trash can in a highly visible spot in the kitchen. Instead of trying to beautify the look of ...

2 years ago Marlis Wendland


Small But Cozy Kitchen Design with a Bar

Correct organization and proper decorating of a kitchen are crucial to really maximize both its appeal and function. The kitchen its somewhat similar to a bathroom that people often pay less attention to it in term of its decoration and organization. As long as the can do what they ...

2 years ago Lore Blumenthal


A Beautiful Kitchen Décor in Airy and Textural Characteristics

The kitchen may not be an essential area for some people while it is a crucial one for the rest. Inevitably when dealing with kitchen decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to both the function of the kitchen as well as the appeal of the entire area of ...

2 years ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Edgy Look of a Mini Kitchen with Bold Yellow Cabinet as Focal Point

Small space could live mostly. It is true to be that way when the proper things are done to embrace such small living space. A small studio apartment can be the example of small living space to live largely. Even just a single room in a tight area but ...

2 years ago Emma Honigsberg


Colorful Kitchen Appliances for Fresh and Appealing Kitchen Décor

A practical space such as a kitchen is commonly less decorated compared to other areas in many residential houses. When it is appropriately decorated, the tones are commonly calm and neutral just to make it looks nice. Well, a bold way of decorating a kitchen is to bring more ...

3 years ago Ole Haselrieder


Clever Ideas of Green Themed Kitchen Decoration

Green is known to be a relaxing and calming tone for any décor. Within various ideas of interior decoration, there will always be the shades of green alongside other colors. It is closely related to nature while also perfect for interior décor. A kitchen in green colors will surely ...

3 years ago Lore Blumenthal