Interior Design

Perfect Spots for Indoor Swing to Make the Most of It

A swing is considerably a free item which will be perfect to boost such relaxing feel in any outdoor space. Yet it is actually okay to be incorporated in various indoor spots as well. It can really be a tool to have fun inside any interior décor when properly ...

2 years ago Franziska Breslauer

Interior Design

The Hottest Possible Ways of Incorporating Terrazzo in Any Décor

The so-called terrazzo is considered to be a decent material in home furnishing and interior décor. It is made of chips of several different materials merged with a polymeric binder. Commonly there will be granite, marble, glass, quartz, and some other suitable materials to group in a piece of ...

2 years ago Sophia Horkheimer

Interior Design

A Modern Home with Industrial Touches and Pet-Friendly Features

Living space for human will always be different from that sanctuary for small animals. Well, even pets will need certain conditions to be able to be comfortable in a living space or a house of human. Thus it is true that there are some items related to home furnishing ...

2 years ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Interior Design

Neutral Color Scheme Interior of a Beautifully Designed Apartment

Small living space is commonly associated with the use of neutral tones. The main purpose is to make sure that space is visually larger. Well, that particular idea of a color scheme for a small space such as an apartment will look perfect with the so-called minimalist style of ...

2 years ago Adelar Moritz

Interior Design

Beautifully Designed Loft Finished in Warm Shades and Different Textures

The interior space can look very nice with various textures incorporated in it. Basically, the use of various materials could lead to different textures in an interior space. Surprisingly, different textures could work well in combination with the use of warm tones in a small space. A beautiful loft ...

2 years ago Regina Grothmann

Interior Design

A Former Brewery Transformed into a Chic Apartment in Scandinavian Style

Repurposing old things to be completely different in both appeal and functional aspects is considerably common today. One of the reasons is that more and more people love to go classic and vintage in many ways. Some people may be very clever in changing old stuff into new things ...

2 years ago Wolfram Schulberg

Interior Design

Three Levels of an Apartment in New York

An apartment can always be looking great regardless of how the interior is decorated and designed. It could be having different levels of a perfect unity and harmony just as the one in New York. It is the UWS Apartment that is there on the first floor of an ...

2 years ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Modern Apartment in Calm Color Scheme with Colorful Touches

Adding some colorful touches to a calm background will definitely be perfect to create a dynamic atmosphere. Such calm background of an interior décor can be the example with some colorful accents of furniture items and decorative items inside. The combination will be nice to look at just as ...

2 years ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Easy Ways to Reduce Noise of Interior in Open Layout Design

An open layout plan of an interior is the perfect way to maximize a tight space. It may come along with some good things although it has its setbacks as well. It is pretty inviting and welcoming to have some different areas grouped together in an open layout. More ...

2 years ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

Compact and Modern Looking Apartment in Black and White

Black and white can actually look good in a compact space such as an apartment. Proper ways of using the combination of those colors will really determine the outcome of the interior decorating. Certainly, some accents of other tones will be needed to warm the décor up further while ...

2 years ago Emma Honigsberg