Interior Design

Modern Apartment Interior Inspired by Zen

Dealing with interior décor may not always be easy. Even if the idea to decorate a space has been set clearly, the outcome may well be different from that initial idea. The most important thing is actually deciding on a specific concept of the décor. Many things can be ...

2 years ago Marlis Wendland

Interior Design

A Beautiful Farmhouse in Calm Scandinavian Décor

A powerful Scandinavian appeal can clearly be seen all over this gorgeous farmhouse in term of its décor. It is profoundly calming with the use of white in most of its parts. Yet there are some unique touches as well to accentuate the décor while also eliminating any possible ...

2 years ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Privacy and Comfort in a Modern Style of Bachelor’s Home

Having its location pretty close to the water’s edge in a small city lot, this house that belongs to a bachelor is a beautiful one. A decent attraction to enjoy from the house is the stunning view of the bay. Yet there are many other things to enjoy alongside ...

2 years ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

An Apartment Decorated in Vintage Style with Elegant Accents

Elegant styles of the old times are well known in many aspects. Even interior décor style could come a really long way just to get a great appeal. A decent example is obviously incorporating vintage style with just a bit of elegant accents over it. That combination can create ...

2 years ago Gregor Wassermann

Interior Design

Diluted Color Scheme in an Apartment with Iconic Spiral Staircase

Having an iconic feature in an interior space is crucial to be able to boost the décor with ease. It can be said to be the focal point of the décor in which it will set the tone for the rest of the space. An apartment could be having ...

2 years ago Gerold Redlich

Interior Design

Edris House with Its Exhibit of Mid-Century Modern Design and Décor

There are many examples of the house with certain styles of décor and design that can be considered as examples for others to follow. Those houses can surely be the ideas and inspirations of others to design and decorate any other houses. Well, a decent example of a residential ...

2 years ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Industrial Accents Complete a Beautifully Designed Monochrome Interior

A simple interior décor in the monochromatic color scheme could be boosted further to look even better. Even the idea of the monochromatic color scheme itself is a decent one when done properly. There will not be boring atmosphere within the space when everything is just right. Yet some ...

2 years ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

An Inspiring Minimalist House with Warm Atmosphere and Textural Appeal in Antwerp

Looking at an awesome house with a decent decoration in its interior is always a good way to get inspired. There will surely be many ideas that can then be adopted to get the same effect as that inviting house. Well, a minimalist themed décor is somehow getting its ...

2 years ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

The Truss House in Industrial Theme with Bricks and Woods

Keeping old elements of an old building upon its renovation could often bring a decent result once the renovation is finished. It is exactly the thing to be found in the so-called truss House in Sydney. It has a kind of industrial flair of its past in which it ...

2 years ago Wolfram Schulberg

Interior Design

Rustic Accents in a Scandinavian House with a Wonderful View of the Ocean

The combination of Nordic style and rustic accents in an interior décor can really be enjoyable. A Scandinavian style décor in a Danish residential house located just by the seaside is a great example of fresh take on that décor style. It may not be like that traditional Scandinavian ...

2 years ago Wanja Henzler