Interior Design

A Restored French Chateau Finished with Modern Furniture and Chic Appeal

Restoring old building is always a fun thing to do. Some original features may often be kept to bring it back to the old times while also creating a unique appeal of the décor. There is a newly renovated old chateau that looks just amazing. It has been given ...

2 years ago Marvin Reitter

Interior Design

Vintage Style Apartment with Fresh and Elegant Accents All Over It

Elegant styles of the old times are well known in many aspects. Even interior décor style could come a really long way to get a great appeal. A decent example is obviously incorporating vintage style with just a bit of elegant accents over it. That combination can create a ...

2 years ago Adrian Lichtenfels

Interior Design

A Cabin Retreat in Norway with Cozy Scandinavian Décor and Awesome Views

A cabin is always a fun place to go when having a holiday. It is a way to enjoy an escape from crowded city life. Well, a cottage in Norway has been renovated by Rever & Drage architects to be a more functional space with the open floor plan. ...

2 years ago Wolfram Schulberg

Interior Design

Calm Look of a Scandinavian Interior Décor with Natural and Textural Flairs

Combining a rather neutral décor of Scandinavian style with some other contrasting stuff will always lead to a whole new appearance and atmosphere. Scandinavian style is definitely associated to the minimalist way in decorating interior space. It is calming and comforting so that many homeowners prefer this style when ...

2 years ago Lore Blumenthal

Interior Design

Victorian Elegance in the Game On Home by Rowland + Broughton

A modern house with a classic style of decoration is always nice to watch.  There is a house in a mountain town of Colorado named Game On Home with that kind of combination. It is a modern residential house packed in a historic appeal of Victorian style all over ...

2 years ago Katarina Erdmann

Interior Design

A Townhouse from the 50s with Stunning Interior Décor and Views

Even an old building can be altered just by doing some tricks along the renovation. There is an example of an old townhouse in New York originated from the 50s. It has just been renovated by Alexander Gorlin Architects in which the new look of it is just awesome. ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

An Apartment in Barcelona by Built Architecture with Awesome Décor

Keeping original features of a building when renovating it is always a smart way to create a unique look at the end. It may well be too hard to find the same features today if the old elements are eliminated instead of preserved along the way of a renovation. ...

2 years ago Regina Grothmann

Interior Design

Brick Clad Perimeter House with Industrial Aesthetic to Enjoy

A pool, as well as a private courtyard, is just a little fun offered by a well-designed perimeter house done by make Architecture of Australia. The house is located in Melbourne in which it is clad with a brick in the purpose of keeping the so-called industrial heritage within ...

2 years ago Adrian Lichtenfels

Interior Design

An Apartment with Iconic Spiral Staircase in Neutral Tones

Having an iconic feature in an interior space is crucial to be able to boost the décor with ease. It can be said to be the focal point of the décor in which it will set the tone for the rest of the space. An apartment could be having ...

2 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser

Interior Design

A Cave House in Modern Décor with a Gorgeous Ocean View to Enjoy

Transforming a rather old building will always be the fun yet the tricky thing to do. Yet it has been proven by Pitsou Kadem Architects that it is possible to have a decent result as its latest project in an old Jaffa house. It is located just south of ...

2 years ago Gerold Redlich