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Surreal Design of a Lighting Collection from Child Studio of London

A unique element of items related to interior décor can be derived from anything. A new collection of lighting fixture from Child Studio from London is offering a decent illusion of movement as its primary display. This collection is considered to be having a surreal design all over it. ...

2 years ago Walpurgis Hegeler

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Sound Dampening Wall Panels in Stylish Modern Appeal

Anything about interior décor and home furnishing can always be looking good without compromising its central practical matter. Well, today there are many options for anything to help to beautify interior in the easiest possible way. One thing that some people need is a material to help reduce noise ...

2 years ago Heine Grau

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Cute Indoor Lamp Named Bero for Kids

The indoor lighting fixture can be in several different forms. There are pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and of course table lamps. It has been developed pretty well today that the shape and size of those lamps vary a lot. Even table lamps come in many available ...

2 years ago Siegmund Windischmann

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Dynamic and Modern Design of Ballet Wall Lamp by Arturo Alvarez

Modern lighting fixtures have been widely known to be pretty unique and dynamic at the same time. The main function of the thing itself remains the same or even better. The single aspect of modern things may not necessarily be the shape and design but also the material. Uncommon ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder

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Nature Inspired Gadgets Charger Named Solar Suntree by Ryan McSorley

Going back to nature is a somewhat popular idea that many people are embracing at the moment. It means that there are many things in human life today that are inspired by nature. One of them is actually within the scope of technology with the possible idea of view ...

2 years ago Max Schott

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Unique Lighting Collection by Hugo Tejada named Organica for Modern Spaces

Modern dwellings are commonly associated with uniqueness in many ways. The fact that modern houses have a calm and minimalist appeal means that anything placed there should be unique to catch the attention of anyone inside the space. Well, today there have been many great items in such unique ...

2 years ago Albrecht Schulhoff

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Flowers Opening Concept in a Pendant Lamp Design by Studio Lieven

It is true that nature has its many possible things to be the ideas and inspirations in many aspects. In term of interior decoration and home furnishing, there have been so many ideas related to nature. Many furniture items have been created with the idea of natural elements on ...

2 years ago Regina Grothmann

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Unique Design of Coil Lamp Covered with Colorful Cord

Adding a statement to any décor can be done by using any item in which a lighting fixture is included. Thus, there have been so many lighting fixtures offered in unique shape and design by various manufacturers. The unique elements of such items may not even just in term ...

2 years ago Adrian Lichtenfels

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Highly Practical Shelving Units for Modern Dwellings

Storage unit in any form is a crucial element of any living space. Mostly, homeowners will find storage items that can easily be placed and used in any area within their houses. It means that whenever needed the storage units should be able to be moved quickly. Well, practicality ...

2 years ago Lore Blumenthal

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Indoor Garden Design Inspired by Lego and Minecraft Blocks

Adding greenery to interior spaces is a clever way of bringing a fresher feel to the décor. It is true that potted plants and flowers have been popularly used in many living spaces to accentuate the décor as well as enhancing freshness of the space. Concerning this matter, there ...

2 years ago Monica Himmler