Brixton Spot Lamp of James Bartlett is Inspired by Victorian Architectural Designs

Octagonal Tube Shape Brixton Spot Lights Copper Finish

Anything can actually inspire anyone to create something. That is a cliché in which it really happens that way in many ways. Ideas can suddenly popped out of nowhere in a sudden moment that lead to great discovery and invention. Many items related to interior décor are definitely created with decent creativity leading to the perfect ideas. That is amidst many other aspects that unique decorative items can easily be found today. So many of them are not only nice to look at but also functional as well. Well, the Brixton Spot lamp is definitely amidst unique item with decent function in relation to interior décor.

This lighting fixture is definitely the perfect choice for those who are actually looking for creatively designed light with just the right functionality. The main idea in the designing and manufacturing of this lamp is actually the beauty of Victorian architecture all around the London area. It was James Bartlett who created this sleek and unique downward light. Despite of being inspired by classical thing, this lamp can be incorporated to enhance the accents of chic and modern in any interior today.

So, aside of being really creative and unique, this lamp is highly functional. The shape of octagonal turrets all around the London area can clearly be seen on this Brixton Spot lamp. The functionality is at the highest level following its uniquely aesthetical beauty of the wealth, power and strength during the Victorian era a long time ago. In simple words, this lamp can be said to be the perfect mixture of classical beauty and modern practicality as well as sensibility. It turns out that modern item in its functional way can be altered a bit to have a rather classic appeal without compromising the functionality aspect.

Pinpoint slits right at the downward end of the fixtures within the Brixton Spot lamp as the exit of the light. Such intriguing illuminations within proximal environs can be expected to be produced by this lighting fixture in subtle way. The material of this lamp is aluminum with decent construction to scream a bit of industrial appeal. Regarding the choices of this lamp it is available in graphite, anodized copper and gloss white with different lengths as well. It can be 50 cm, 20 cm, or just 11 cm. This unique looking lamp is just one of several items within the Brixton lamp collection though.

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Octagonal Tube Shape Brixton Spot Lights Copper Finish

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