Bring Maximum Comfort with the Sling Hanging Chair

A Hanging Chair With Red Leather And Black Frame

Everybody needs seating items. It is not a must anymore, but a need. A comfort seating items are crucial since the function of seating items are to be the items where we sit on. We use seating items in almost every activity like working, eating, or even relaxing. Therefore, uncomfortable seating items can influence our mood. In this great time, I would like to talk about a chair which offers you comfort and unique sensation.

The chair is called the Sling hanging chair. Studio Stirling designs this chair. Studio Stirling is best known because of its extensive collection of designer swing chair, and they proudly present the Sling hanging chair as their new model in their collection.

The purity and the simplicity is the base of the concept of creating the Sling. Such an idea distinguish the Sling with the other seating items. This piece is done by a unique circular frame with a leather seat and a comfortable head cushion. The hardware which is required to hang it is included in it. This cool item is a perfect addition to any modern interior design. The Sling can be the best zone for you who like reading a book, chill with a glass of wine, or just take a nap in the middle of warm summer. The fun design also fit any room. For you who have an ample enough space, having an indoor swing chair is a great idea that will offer you and your family a beautiful, comfortable place to sit and enjoy the day.

You can use the Sling hanging chair indoor or outdoor. The material of what it is made should also be thought. Since it is made of leather, placing this cool chair outdoor should be thoughtful. You better set it in a place which can protect it from rain and snow so that the leather will be not easily spoiled. The chair is designed with 100 centimeters as the diameter and 35 centimeters as the depth. The style of the chair contours to the body and it is made to gain maximum comfort. The swing itself only weighs a total of 5 kilograms. Because of that, the Sling can be said as one of the lightest hanging chairs you can find on the market. Such an item is great for your space to give maximum comfort and coziness.

A Hanging Chair With Red Leather And An Additional Cushion

A Hanging Chair With Brown Leather Hanging Over A Brown Rug

A Hanging Chair With Red Leather And Black Frame

A Hanging Chair With Black Leather And Black Additional Cushion

A Hanging Chair With White Leather And An Additional Cushion

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