Bright Ideas of Modern and Colorful House

Blue Sideboard Potted Plants Bubble Hanging Lamps White Chairs Wooden Dining Table White Kitchen Cabinetries White Kitchen Island Granite Top Wooden Floor

Modern style house tends to have more colors in its décor. The idea of such thing is to brighten the mood of the décor which will affect the atmosphere of the interior. There are many ways that can be done in order to combine different colors in a perfect harmony of interior décor. It is actually easy to incorporate this décor style when there are clear ideas about it. A house in such style that can be considered as a decent inspiration for this decoration style can be found in Westlake Village, Los Angeles. The décor was done by Amy Elbaum of the AE Designs.

The décor is so colorful that it looks bright as well as spacious with splashes of many colors in form of various items. Starting off in the living room there is the majority of white tone with textural walls to boost the appeal of the décor. A fireplace along with built-in bookcases can be seen there as well in combination with white sofa, mint chair, purple chair and a really unique mirror faceted table as the focal point of the area.

Moving into the kitchen there is also white as the main color scheme to make it a bright space. The kitchen island there has stone countertop for a bit of texture within the décor. In order to balance the décor there is a decent booking dark glass bubble shade lamp right above the kitchen island. The contrasting effect is just totally beautiful there. Next to it there is a comfortable seating area with coral upholstered chairs as another bold splash of color. This house has a working space that is also done in a colorful manner. Although there is grey writing desk in the office area, the rest of the items there are so colorful to boost the working spirit when needed.

Meanwhile the master bedroom of this house is definitely something else. It offers plenty of colorful artworks that are not only beautiful but so eye-catching. The bed is upholstered in navy tone while there is also a sofa in burgundy. Many details can be enjoyed there in the master bedroom just as the rest of the house. Amy Elbaum has been so creative in decorating this modern house to look so colorful and cheerful. The basic idea of such colorful interior décor is just to match different colors in form of various items together.

Blue Sideboard Potted Plants Bubble Hanging Lamps White Chairs Wooden Dining Table White Kitchen Cabinetries White Kitchen Island Granite Top Wooden Floor

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