Books House, a Unique House with Great Views

A Book House Looked From The Outside

Hello, my fellas! Are you a book lover? Are you a person who really like reading? Have you ever imagine a house which is designed as a stack of the book? In this great time, I would like to share you a house which really shows the soul of a book lover. Wanna see it? Let’s check this out!

Books house is the house which is located on the northern side of Sidney’s harbor. It gets its name because it is designed as stacked volumes to show a look of stacked books. This house is specially designed for a calligrapher and his beloved wife. This couple really loves Eastern cultures, meditation, and nature. Those all things that they love are reflected in the design somehow. The designer behind this amazing house is Luigi Rosselli. Luigi Rosselli used sandstone of the region and concrete slabs with soft edges above a monolithic sandstone story, mixing the natural power and the man-made.

Sandstone courtyard makes the owner feel closer to nature. The study and the living room for the owners are designed to be easy for everyone who in that rooms to enjoy the views of this rock with its gently curving set of steps. The designers make the rooms have many accesses for the people inside to be able to see the amazing views from the outside. Sandstone is carved with adept as if the rock is climbing into an old frangipani tree.There is also a small swimming pool outside and you may see the rest of the interiors through that space. A cave is dug into the cliff side, while the upper level terrace offers you stunning views of a Sidney harbor. The owners can relax by enjoying the views from these cozy spaces.

The interiors are chosen to be modern and casual that there is not much furniture that will be a mess in the spaces. The most favorite space in this house is the living room. It features a modern, suspended white fireplace, floating glass floating glass lamps, leather-lined furniture and large bookcase that serves as home office decor. It is built from an elliptical concrete staircase with metal framing. The interesting point comes from the vertical metal tubes. Wanna explore this amazing house? Let’s go down and get amazed. Enjoy!

A Set Of Dining Table With Chairs In A Wooden Floor Room

The Stack Of Book House Looked From The Outside

A View Of A Man In The Small Swimming Pool

A Man Enjoying The Views From The Balcony

A Book House Looked From The Outside

A Woman Walk Down Through The Cliff

Many Book Shelves Full Of Books

A Woman Go Down Through The Brass Staircase In A Wooden Room

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