Bold Looking Vintage Inspired English Country Kitchen Décor

Wooden Flooring Wooden Dresser Metal Handles Wooden Stools Vintage Upholstered Chair Patterned Curtain Wooden Framed Glass Doors

A kitchen should not just functional and practical at all. It should be having a great look as well so that all the cooking and food preparations there will be more fun to do, right? A well-decorated kitchen could really boost the atmosphere in it obviously. Thus it really is important to choose a certain style of decoration with the main purpose of beautifying a kitchen. Max Rollitt delivers an example of a nice looking kitchen with the basic idea of vintage style decoration. It is true that vintage is the inspiration of the use of unusual colors within the décor of this particular kitchen.

Within the kitchen, there is bold blue alongside creamy tones and sunny yellow. The combination of those colors is pretty unusual, yet it turns out to be thoroughly nice. The overall appeal of the decoration is just full of beautiful ideas that can only be enjoyed. The clearly visible combination is the sunny yellow walls with bold blue shelves as well as some creamy touches here and there. That is the one that creates the atmosphere within the kitchen. It is bold but surely it is highly enjoyable and comfortable to look at even in a long time. There is even a set of china collection on the shelving units to accentuate the décor further.

Some more accentuating elements are there as well in white. That includes the white tile backsplash, several lamps, and some cupboards. Overall the addition of white makes the kitchen calmer away from that bold combination of the main color scheme within the space. The countertop is made of marble in a white finish as well to accompany the other white elements of the décor.

Aside from those things, there is even a black hearth right there. It really is an incredible idea to have a heart in a kitchen, right? Wooden stools alongside a wooden dresser can be seen there as well to add more texture to the décor. Some vintage looking upholstered chairs add the function as well as the decorative appeal of this kitchen at the same time. Those chairs have beautifully carved legs for additional accents resembling vintage decoration style of this kitchen. This English country kitchen is a really cozy, comfortable, and functional kitchen. Certainly, all of the beautiful ideas within the décor of the kitchen are highly inspiring that can probably be brought into anyone’s kitchen, right?

Wooden Table Wooden Flooring Blue Wooden Cabinet China Colletion Displays Stainless Steel Range Hood White Marble Countertop Bold Yellow Walls Gas Cooker White Pendant

White Pendant Lamps Metal Holders Wooden Table Candle Holders Pink Candles Blue Wooden Cabinet Bold Yellow Walls Wooden Stools Gas Cooker White Wooden Framed Glass Windows

Pink Candles White Lamp Shade Pendants Wooden Table Wooden Dresser White Tile Kitchen Backsplash Wooden Flooring Wooden Stools

White Lamp Sahde Pendant Blue Wooden Cabinet Yellow Wall Paint Marble Countertop Decorative China Displays Flowers

Wooden Dresser Metal Handles Wooden Flooring White Pendants Blue Finished Wooden Shelving Unit Wooden Table Wooden Stools

Wooden Flooring Wooden Dresser Metal Handles Wooden Stools Vintage Upholstered Chair Patterned Curtain Wooden Framed Glass Doors

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