Boho Scandinavian Home, a Unique Chic Home

A Room Features A Sofa, A Chair, And A Table, And It Is Full Of Artwork As The Ornaments

This time, I would like to talk about a boho home. It is not the ordinary one, but it is a Scandinavian boho home! This amazing home belongs to Malene Birger, a Danish fashion and interiors designer. This home is full of creativity touch, and it looks very chic. Wanna see it? Let’s go down!

The home looks gorgeous in black and white shades just as same as traditional Scandinavian space, but the touch of textural details and eye-catchy details change everything. All parts of the home are full of natural light in the best traditions of Nordic style. Many attractive carved wood furniture items placed as ornaments. It may look a bit inappropriate but still look very natural in all rooms. The homes have only three rooms; they are a living room, a bedroom, and a home office. Because there are a lot of details, the home looks like has numerous rooms. You will get more interesting touches when you see it deeper and deeper.

The living room consists of a leather sofa, a glass coffee table, a rug, and beautified by lots of artworks on the wall and around. Plenty of graphic artworks are placed over the fireplace, and many different statues and figurines are shown around. A black leather chair placed near the fire and a long lamp attached to it. It becomes a very comfy and chic reading zone.

Now, let’s look at the home office. This area features a bold and gallery wall that will grab everyone’s attention. Such a room is filled with a large black desk and a sideboard that is attached to the wall with so many books on it. The buffet is all white. Although it looks a bit boring the textural surface give an exotic touch to it.

The last room is the master bedroom. This room can be said as the heart of the house. The style of the whole home comes around in this space. There are black and white shades with so many artworks hanging in many parts of the room, probably made by the owner of the home. The lamps are mismatching and fabulous. The pillows and the blanket are good ideas to give a boho nuance to the room. The coverage is area Moroccan wedding blanket. Are you still curious about this gorgeous home? Enjoy some pics of the home below!

A Room With A Sofa On A Rug And Some Statues As The Ornaments

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Comfy Pillows And Blanket And Some Frames Over It

A Room Features A Sofa, A Table, And It Is Full Of Artwork And Frames As The Ornaments

A Room With A Black Table On A Rug And Some Frames On The Wall Over A White Desk With Lamps And Books On It

A Room Features A Sofa, A Chair, And A Table, And It Is Full Of Artwork As The Ornaments

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