Best Looking and Fully Functional Faucets to Buy

Swirl Faucet Clear Glass Textured Rube Metal Body White Sink

Despite being a small-sized item, the faucet can change the look of bathroom or kitchen décor instantly. Surely it is an importantly needed item to be in any bathroom and kitchen. It does not necessarily to be functional at all without being so appealing and eye-catchy. Today there are many choices of the faucet that are offered within the market to consider. Some of them focus on the beauty and the look while some others focus on the function without even really thinking about the look at all. So, which are options that are among the best choices of the faucet to buy today?

One of the best faucets today is the Axor Starck V with its iconic appeal featuring transparent body. It is considered the first one of its kind that puts the water movement right there to be seen. It displays the motion of water as one of the most critical aspects of human life. The modern and creative appeal of this faucet is beautiful to watch. Another option is the Noah with its tipping over action to activate the water flow out of it. The basic idea of this faucet is Japanese bamboo fountain which is then transferred to modern black pipe material of it. It is a perfect choice for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Next on the list is the Spray Faucet with its focus on delivering a continuous soft spray of the water out of it. That idea is intended to help its users to get more comfortable face-washing activity. Furthermore, it is also an excellent idea that saves water compared to standard faucet due to its gentle spray of water, So it is not only beautiful looking but also pretty efficient at the same time. The next choice is considered the perfect combination of a faucet, a shower and a hand shower named Daphne by Park Geun. Surely by being simple to use multifunctional item, this is a perfect solution for a limited space bathroom.

Into the next choice is the DXV by American Standard as the next level creative faucet featuring 3D printing system in the manufacturing process. It will need about 24 hours to be printed then polished to enhance its beauty over its unique appeal. Last option is the Swirl faucet by Simin Qiu which uses 15% less water when operational. It creates a single liquid vortex during its operation to be its main attraction. Undoubtedly now even faucets can be so appealing as well aside from just being functional.

Swirl Faucet Clear Glass Textured Rube Metal Body White Sink

Axor Starck V Faucet Clear Material

Dxv American Standard Faucet Unique 3d Printed Technology Metal Material

Spray Faucet Black Stainless Steel Finish Yellow Soap White Sink Black Soap Tray

Noah Faucet Japanese Bamboo Fountain Style Metal Black Finish

Daphne Faucet Simple Design

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