Best Liquor Cabinets on the Market Today

Ziggy Cabinet By Di Caprio Blue Colored Base White Top White Walls Large Wall Mirror Ceiling Lamps

Creating a drinking corner or home bar may not be easy. Homeowners who love to have a drink at night either alone or alongside some friends will enjoy a comfortable and functional area to do it. Surely proper items to boost the enjoyment of the drinking activity are required. Fortunately, there are many items within the furniture market today that can be helpful and beneficial in such matter having the form of liquor cabinets.

An industrial sphere of 1920s period inspires the Porthole Bar of RH Contract. It combines glass, pipework, metal, and mirror seamlessly to create a really dramatic effect in this home bar item. It is considered to be having the style of glamorized steampunk in which opulence and industry can be seen and enjoyed all over it. At the same time, it is both glam and refined which is nice. Next choice of items is the Thinktank of Ambivalenz. It is the solution for those who are looking for either a bar or a vanity. It has its space-saving design with just enough surfaces to place anything needed to be in a bar. It is a wall-mounted piece so that it takes only small space in any décor.

Dime Cabinet of Splinter Works with segmented and curved panels of wood veneer is the next option of liquor cabinet to buy today. It has a domed design in the wall-mounted way of placement in which the doors could be opened to reveal a bar inside. The surfaces are enough to place wine bottles and liquor bottles as well as some barware. Meanwhile, there is the Portos by Andrea Lucatello made of Canaletto walnut. Painted wood can be seen in its sides though that beautifies this bar cabinet further.

Link Cabinet of Ian Rouse is considered a high-end option of home bar item. It features solid craftsmanship out of American Ash along with leather upholstery as well as toughened glass panels. Well, surely it is the perfect liquor cabinet for glam interior décor. A decent creation of Rosanna Ceravolo is the geometric bar cabinet in its simple yet beautiful appeal. It is made of the solid wooden base which can be so artistic at some points to be a liquor cabinet. One last choice is the Ziggy cabinet by Di Caprio as inspired by Brazilian jewelry luxury. It features more than 100 individually cut pieces that are all assembled by hand. Surely it looks like a jewelry piece.

Geometric Bar Cabinet By Rosanna Ceravolo Liquor Bottles Drinking Glasses Ice Bucket Dark Wooden Floor Paneled Wall Small Cabinet Red Painted Doors Metal Tray Decorative Bulbs

Schminktank Bar By Ambivalenz Liquor Bottles Wooden Material White Finish Drinking Glasses

Portos Bar Cabinet By Andrea Lucatello Wooden Floor Leather Upholstered Chair Black Top Side Table Glass Table Lamp Wooden Cabinet Framed Artwork

Dime Cabinet By Splinter Works Wooden Material Liquor Bottles Wine Glasses Glass Panel

Porthole Bar From Rh Contract Books Grey Upholstered Chair Golden Legs Rounded Design Metal And Glass Material

Linnk Kabinet By Ian Rouse Light Wooden Finish Wooden Chair Liquor Bottles Small Drinking Glasses

Ziggy Cabinet By Di Caprio Blue Colored Base White Top White Walls Large Wall Mirror Ceiling Lamps

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